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a com­mend­able job by act­ing swiftly right di­rec­tion. The sad part was that some political par­ties were crit­i­cal of the worst suf­ferer of var­i­ous res­pi­ra­tory and other ail­ments due to pol­lu­tion in the city. Though the step taken by the to mo­torists for some time, the move is cer­tain to im­prove air qual­ity and the fu­ture if they are to make their city clean. en­cour­age other met­ros and cities to keep their air fresh.


Stop pam­per­ing pro­tected ar­eas

pro­tec­tion should be made uni­form in pro­tected forests by util­is­ing funds be­ing gen­er­ated by wildlife tourism. There is no point in spend­ing huge amounts of money on PAs since most of them are over­grown with un­palat­able weeds and no longer have sus­tain­able pop­u­la­tions of her­bi­vores—the prey base of tigers and other car­ni­vores—and hence be­com­ing Proper wildlife man­age­ment is needed to make all PAs suit­able to her­bi­vores to more proac­tive against poach­ing and for con­ser­va­tion of wildlife.

B M T RA­JEEV, mi­cro­gram is wrongly ab­bre­vi­ated as the er­ror.

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