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Down to Earth - - COVER STORY -

Sta­bilises set­tled sludge by anaer­o­bic di­ges­tion; dis­solved and sus­pended mat­ter re­main un­treated; re­moval of COD 20-25%, BOD 15-20%, TSS* 50-55%

Anaer­o­bic degra­da­tion of sus­pended and dis­solved solids; re­moval of COD 25-30%, BOD 30-35%, TSS 10-15% Wa­ter passes through fil­ter me­dia; en­hanced di­ges­tion of or­ganic mat­ter; re­moval of COD 20-25%, BOD 15-20%, TSS 15-20%

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