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Dwin­dling prey species are putting car­ni­vores at risk


car­ni­vores world­wide are at risk of go­ing hun­gry as their prey species are dwin­dling in num­bers, says a study pub­lished in Roy­alSo­ci­ety OpenS­cience. Al­most 25 per cent of the 494 prey species an­a­lysed in the study are at risk of ex­tinc­tion. At least 17 car­ni­vores de­pend on them for sur­vival. The tiger is one of the five car­ni­vores with max­i­mum num­ber of threat­ened prey. Half of the an­i­mals it hunts are on the In­ter­na­tional Union for Con­ser­va­tion of Na­ture Red List of threat­ened species. The re­searchers have called for a holis­tic con­ser­va­tion ap­proach to pro­tect both the car­ni­vores and their preys.

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