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most suc­cess­ful group of an­i­mals in­hab­it­ing ev­ery cor­ner of the world, have of­fered a clue to sci­en­tists on how to cope with stress. They have dis­cov­ered that fruit flies use a hor­mone called cora­zonin to coun­ter­act stress and re­store their in­ter­nal bal­ance. When they are starv­ing or de­hy­drated, flies use up their en­ergy stores to for­age and feed to main­tain their in­ter­nal sta­ble state. These ac­tions are co­or­di­nated by cora­zonin, which also helps flies coun­ter­act ox­i­dants. It does this by act­ing on the fly's liv­er­like fat body.

Open Bi­ol­ogy, Novem­ber 3


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