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In­dian, Chi­nese and Cana­dian sci­en­tists have de­vel­oped ktrans­genicy rice that gives high yields even un­der se­vere water-deficit con­di­tion. The new va­ri­ety has been de­vel­oped by trans­fer­ring a gene from a com­mon plant, Ara­bidop­sis thaliana, into an In­dian rice va­ri­ety called samba mah­suri. In kKalana­maky (Down To Earth, 1-15 Septem­ber, 2005), we had pro­filed another drought-re­sis­tant va­ri­ety. The water re­quire­ment of Kalana­mak is quite low as com­pared to bas­mati. It doesn't need stand­ing water dur­ing trans­plan­ta­tion. Paddy is a water-in­ten­sive crop and its cul­ti­va­tion has been a big drain on water re­sources ev­ery­where. Given the fact that 5,000 litres of water are re­quired to grow 1 kg of rice, such ef­forts at de­vel­op­ing drought-re­sis­tant rice are wel­come.

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