Down to Earth - - THE FORTNIGHT -

Mag­ni­tude of the earth­quake that could strike New Zealand in the next few years due to col­li­sion be­tween the Pa­cific and Aus­tralian tec­tonic plates

300 years

The num­ber of years af­ter which an earth­quake of 8.0 mag­ni­tude takes place around the Alpine Fault

500 km

The length of the Alpine Fault


The num­ber of sci­en­tists in­volved in the Deep Fault Drilling Project, mon­i­tor­ing the fault to un­der­stand what hap­pens be­fore a ma­jor earth­quake

900 m

Depth of the drill the sci­en­tists made into the fault. They found ex­tremely hot wa­ter just 600 m down

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