Fact of the FAD

The re­cent on­line sur­vey by the Cen­tre for Sci­ence and En­vi­ron­ment shows that school­child­ren are in­creas­ingly con­sum­ing pack­aged food prod­ucts, high in fat, salt or sugar

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1 High on pack­aged food items

Those con­sum­ing more than once a week on an av­er­age (%) Note: (i) Pack­aged Food: Chips, in­stant noo­dles, choco­lates and ice-creams; (ii) Pack­aged Bev­er­ages: Car­bon­ated bev­er­ages (soft drinks), Juice-based pack­aged bev­er­ages & Milk-based pack­aged bev­er­ages like sweet lassi; (iii) Fast Food: Fries, piz­zas, etc. from fast food out­lets; (iv) Street Food: Chaat, samosa, etc; (v) Sweets: Cake, pas­try, mithai, etc; (vi) Con­cen­trate-based bev­er­ages: sherbats, squash, etc

2 Bal­anced diet takes a hit

Re­spon­dents (%) 6-7 days/ week but less times Less than 6 days/week Av­er­age < 2 times/day Ce­re­als & Mil­lets Note: Less times means: (i) Ce­re­als 1-2 times/day; (ii) Veg­eta­bles and Milk & milk prod­ucts: 1 time/day; (iii) Pulses (for veg­e­tar­i­ans) : 1 time/day Lim­i­ta­tion: For non-veg­e­tar­i­ans, data does not cap­ture the spread of the in­take of pulses, eggs, meat & fish and only re­lies on av­er­age no. of times per day

3 Peer pres­sure, com­pelling ads, lead to a change in habit 4 High the screen time, higher the un­healthy diet

Chil­dren who con­sume fast food & pack­aged food at least once a day

High the screen time, lesser the phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity 6 When school serves junk

% of chil­dren who have pack­aged food & bev­er­ages over twice a week con­sume at school, or buy from or near school Car­bon­ated bev­er­ages

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