“Len­ovo’s Com­mer­cial Chan­nel pro­gram is re­ally good”

In a can­did in­ter­ac­tion with the DQ Chan­nels, Girish Chit­nis, Pro­pre­itor, Nexus Com­put­ers high­lights Len­ovo’s con­tri­bu­tion in the growth of Nexus Com­put­ers’s com­mer­cial busi­ness

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How was the per­for­mance of Nexus Com­puter in the FY 2015-2016? What were your key growth driv­ers dur­ing the fi­nan­cial year?

Girish: All the Quar­ters have shown good re­sults, and we have clocked our tar­gets. The con­tin­u­ous en­gage­ment with Len­ovo has been the key growth driver for us. Len­ovo also has given us sup­port to win deals.

What are your prod­ucts and so­lu­tions of­fer­ings? How does the port­fo­lio con­trib­ute to the Nexus Com­puter’s rev­enue?

Girish: We pro­vide Desk­tops, Note­books, Server and stor­age so­lu­tions. Note­books and PCs con­trib­ute to 80% of our busi­ness, while server and stor­age so­lu­tions are grow­ing con­sis­tently.

Which are the grow­ing seg­ments in your busi­ness? Which busi­ness ver­ti­cals do you ad­dress?

Girish: Lap­tops and PCs segment is more growth ori­ented com­pared to Server and Stor­age segment. We ad­dress Mid-size, Large Cor­po­rates and Gov­ern­ment Segment.

How will you an­a­lyse the over­all growth of IT busi­ness?

Girish: IT busi­ness is do­ing well. Growth is more mar­ket ori­ented and there is more de­mand nowa­days. The lat­est trend is that one who is of­fer­ing more value and good prod­ucts will def­i­nitely win.

How is your align­ment with Len­ovo?

Girish: Nexus Com­puter is as­so­ci­ated with IBM and Len­ovo is over a decade and our align­ment with Len­ovo is on PC, Server and stor­age so­lu­tions front.

What are the key trans­for­ma­tions you have ob­served in Len­ovo’s server busi­ness strat­egy post IBM’s X86 Server Busi­ness ac­qui­si­tion?

Girish: Post ac­qui­si­tion Len­ovo is do­ing well, in last cou­ple of quar­ters they have ini­ti­ated some wel­come ac­tiv­i­ties for chan­nel part­ners. They have strong plans and we are very op­ti­mistic.

How will you rate Len­ovo’s En­ter­prise Chan­nel pro­gram? How will you dif­fer­en­ti­ate it from the other prom­i­nent ven­dors you are aligned with? What is the scope for im­prove­ment in Len­ovo’s En­ter­prise Chan­nel pol­icy?

Girish: Len­ovo’s Com­mer­cial Chan­nel pro­gram is re­ally good and they pay promptly to chan­nel part­ners. Len­ovo as of now is lead­ing in chan­nel en­gage­ment , claims set­tle­ment, and the best part is it is open to part­ner feed­back as well.

What are the key thrust ar­eas in the FY-17? What are your busi­ness strate­gies for ex­pan­sion?

Girish: We have to do well in FY-2017. We are fo­cus­ing on ar­eas like bank­ing and fi­nan­cial sec­tors for Stor­age and server so­lu­tions front. On PCs, the plan­ning ex­er­cise with Len­ovo has been com­pleted and we are fo­cus­ing strongly on MB and Large cor­po­rates.

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