Al­stom closes en­ergy busi­ness deal with GE

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(ex­cept tur­bines of over 20 mw that Al­stom ul­ti­mately di­vested to GE) were part of the joint ven­ture.

2000: ABB ex­its from the joint ven­ture; the en­tire power gen­er­a­tion busi­ness of ABB (that was part of the JV) comes to Al­stom. Be­sides, Al­stom al­ready has a large pres­ence in power T&D.

2004: Areva ac­quires the T&D busi­ness of Al­stom and calls it Areva T&D

2009: With a view to fo­cus on busi­nesses like nu­clear and so­lar en­ergy, Areva de­cides to sell of its power trans­mis­sion & dis­tri­bu­tion busi­ness, Areva T&D. While Al­stom and Sch­nei­der were the main con­tenders, GE also puts in its bid.

2012: Al­stom ac­quires the trans­mis­sion busi­ness of Areva T&D and calls it Al­stom Grid. The trans­mis­sion busi­ness D ac­counted for two-thirds of Areva T&D’s busi­ness. Sch­nei­der Elec­tric ac­quires the low volt­age (dis­tri­bu­tion) busi­ness of Areva T&D. Al­stom now has three main busi­nesses—power, grid and trans­port.

2014: Al­stom de­cides to fo­cus on trans­port and di­vest its other busi­ness—power and grid. Gen­eral Elec­tric ac­quires th­ese busi­nesses in a €12.4-bil­lion deal that closed on Novem­ber 4, 2015.

In a 12.4-bil­lion deal, Al­stom will be sell­ing its power and grid busi­nesses to Gen­eral Elec­tric, re­gain­ing its fo­cus on the trans­porta­tion busi­ness.

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