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be­com­ing prac­ti­cal, ef­fi­cient and en­vi­ron­ment-friendly to gen­er­ate your own elec­tric­ity at a source where it is con­sumed. Dis­trib­uted gen­er­a­tion is be­com­ing a ne­ces­sity and very soon, a re­al­ity,” Prabhu said.

The min­is­ter ad­mit­ted that In­dia had 40,000 vil­lages (out of a to­tal of around 600,000) where the grid can never reach. They are so re­mote and in­ac­ces­si­ble that pro­vid­ing grid power to them will be an ex­tremely costly propo­si­tion. But when we de­cided that, we knew it was tech­ni­cally and com­mer­cially im­pos­si­ble to take elec­tric­ity to th­ese vil­lages. In­dia never re­al­ized then that there would be a tech­nol­ogy which will make it un­nec­es­sary. Now dis­trib­uted elec­tric­ity – rooftop so­lar, mi­cro hy­dropower and biomass—is cer­tainly pos­si­ble. It is no longer pos­si­ble or even de­sir­able for one en­tity to take care of th­ese con­sumers from one sin­gle lo­ca­tion. It is likely that seg­re­gated en­ti­ties that take care of all gen­er­a­tion, trans­mis­sion and dis­tri­bu­tion at dif­fer­ent lo­ca­tions could be con­sid­ered. There should thus be in­te­grated not at the gen­er­a­tion level but at the con­sump­tion level.

Tech­nol­ogy as well as the com­pul­sion of cli­mate change has brought about a sea change. Fu­ture of fos­sil fuel is un­der se­ri­ous ques­tion and the fu­ture of fos­sil fuel bas­ket has to be seen in a dif­fer­ent light. “We can­not af­ford to have green­house gases com­ing in a sig­nif­i­cant way. When we are gen­er­at­ing power from coal, it makes abun­dant sense to gen­er­ate at one place. It will be a stupid idea to trans­port coal from one place to an­other and gen­er­ate power there,” noted Prabhu.

Suresh Prabhu con­cluded by his re­mark: “The util­ity in 2016 will dif­fer from the util­ity of 2040. It is tech­nol­ogy and the pres­sure of cli­matic change that will de­ter­mine this change.”

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