Siemens wins its largest or­der in his­tory

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The first gas tur­bines for the largest or­der in Siemens’ his­tory have started their jour­ney to Egypt. Two tur­bines for the Beni Suef power plant pro­ject will be loaded onto a barge at the Ber­lin Westhafen port, from where they will be shipped to the Rot­ter­dam sea­port. Via the Port of Ad­abiya on the Red Sea the 890-tonne cargo will then be trans­ported to Beni Suef. By com­par­i­son, an empty Air­bus A380 has a weight of 277 tonnes. The gas tur­bines are sched­uled to be in­stalled in the power plant in mid-May.

The two SGT5-8000H gas tur­bines will be­gin their three­month trip at Ber­lin Westhafen and will end it at the Beni Suef power plant pro­ject si­t­u­ated around 110 km south of Cairo. The ma­chines, which each mea­sure 12.6m long, 5.5m high and 5.5m wide, will be loaded into a barge with the aid of two cranes and first shipped to the Port of Rot­ter­dam. In this sea­port, the two gas tur­bines will be loaded onto the “Wiebke” heavy load car­rier with the ship’s on­board cranes. The ship will travel from Rot­ter­dam to the Mediter­ranean Sea across the Strait of Gi­bral­tar. The cargo ar­rives at the desti­na­tion port of Ad­abiya on the Red Sea, pass­ing through the Suez Canal. A 40-axle trailer will trans­port the tur­bines the rest of the way, trav­el­ing the 250-km route along the Nile to Beni Suef in about five days.

Di­rectly af­ter they ar­rive at the Beni Suef con­struc­tion site, the gas tur­bines will be un­loaded and in­stalled in the power plant’s ma­chine room. A to­tal of eight SGT58000H gas tur­bines will be in­stalled in the plant in sev­eral phases. The fa­cil­ity will be ini­tially op­er­ated as a sim­ple cy­cle gas-fired power plant. Af­ter its ex­pan­sion into a com­bined cy­cle power plant with a to­tal in­stalled ca­pac­ity of ap­prox­i­mately 4.8 GW, Beni Suef will be able to sup­ply around 21.6 mil­lion peo­ple with elec­tric­ity. The plant will be the largest com­bined cy­cle plant in the world af­ter it is com­pleted.

The H-class gas tur­bines from Ber­lin will play a key role in the planned ex­pan­sion of Egypt’s power gen­er­a­tion sys­tem. In to­tal, 24 highly ef­fi­cient tur­bines, 24 heat re­cov­ery steam gen­er­a­tors, twelve steam tur­bines and 36 gen­er­a­tors will be in­stalled in the coun­try’s three power plant projects. Siemens is not only sup­ply­ing the key com­po­nents for all three plants but is also sup­port­ing Egypt with lo­gis­tics and the ex­e­cu­tion of this mega pro­ject.

Siemens will build a to­tal of three nat­u­ral gas-fired com­bined cy­cle power plants with H-class tech­nol­ogy and a to­tal ca­pac­ity of 14.4 GW in Egypt. In Jan­uary 2016, Siemens broke sev­eral world records in the Lausward com­bined cy­cle power plant in Düs­sel­dorf with its ad­vanced H-class tur­bine. The plant achieved an ef­fi­ciency of ap­prox­i­mately 61.5 per cent and a record ca­pac­ity of 603.8 mw.

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