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“Flood­lights in fa­cade light­ing can be seen as be­ing in sync with na­ture, with the fo­cus on na­ture-in­spired light­ing themes. In In­dia, the prob­lem is that con­tem­po­rary fa­cade de­sign has com­pletely dis­tanced it­self from the past. When de­sign works to cre­ate an iden­tity for the de­signer, it is be­cause the work is not vis­i­ble but the idea is. We are all very fond of the ‘new’ but there is noth­ing that grows old faster than what was once con­sid­ered ‘new’. Fa­cade light­ing does not be­long to a par­tic­u­lar style and hence will re­main time­less, never go­ing out of style.”

—Devashish Gan­guly, DGM, Havells Light­ing

“When it comes to fa­cade light­ing, the trend we see in the mar­ket is that unique build­ings are be­ing high­lighted by us­ing var­i­ous colour-chang­ing schemes, mainly be­cause this looks great when com­pared to nor­mal light­ing. The In­dian façade light­ing in­dus­try is in the growth stage, both in terms of the ma­te­ri­als and technology be­ing used. In spite of the chal­lenges, which will take some time to be ad­dressed, there is a grow­ing ac­cep­tance of qual­ity prod­ucts in the In­dian mar­ket. In the last 1.5 years, we have seen an over­all in­crease of 35-40 per cent in the sale of LED fa­cade light­ing. Ma­jor prod­ucts like wall wash­ers, flood­lights, etc, are bulky in size but the in­dus­try is grad­u­ally mov­ing to­wards minia­turised prod­ucts, be­cause cus­tomers no longer want the bulky lights to be vis­i­ble since they do not look nice. They pre­fer great il­lu­mi­na­tion for the build­ings us­ing hid­den light sources.”

—Sam­ridh Ke­dia, di­rec­tor, Glowz LED Light­ing

“The trend nowa­days is to opt for prod­ucts that are com­pact and, at the same time, eco­nom­i­cal. An im­por­tant cur­rent re­quire­ment for the façade light­ing of her­itage mon­u­ments is the colour ren­der­ing in­dex (CRI). Cus­tomers tend to fo­cus more on higher CRI LED prod­ucts since they ren­der the orig­i­nal colours of the mon­u­ments bet­ter, apart from pro­vid­ing bet­ter vis­i­bil­ity at even lower lux lev­els.”

—Ra­jeev K. Ro­hatgi, di­rec­tor, Bi­nay Opto Elec­tron­ics Pvt Ltd

“As far as fa­cade light­ing is con­cerned, in In­dia, we are a ‘value for money’ econ­omy. In­di­ans do not like to spend too much on aes­thet­ics, al­though there are cer­tain lux­ury housing projects and high-end cor­po­rate houses, for which the de­sign­ers are opt­ing for fa­cade light­ing. As far as minia­tur­i­sa­tion is con­cerned, we need to un­der­stand that, in In­dia, con­sumer aware­ness and knowl­edge about LED us­age is com­par­a­tively low. Peo­ple have lim­ited ex­po­sure and hence are not aware of the im­por­tant pa­ram­e­ters to keep in mind prior to choos­ing a good prod­uct or of how to dif­fer­en­ti­ate be­tween the good and the bad.”

—Vi­mal Soni, di­rec­tor, Corvi LED

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