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Es­tab­lished in 1986, Sumitron is a lead­ing dis­trib­u­tor of prod­ucts from var­i­ous in­ter­na­tional lead­ers like Hakko Cor­po­ra­tion, Koki, Kanon and Janome from Ja­pan; Kester; Elec­trol­ube, UK; ITW Chemtron­ics, Fis­nar Inc., Fluke Corp and Ideal In­dus­tries, USA; Kilews and KS Ter­mi­nals, Tai­wan; ITW Texwipe, Tre­ston OY, Fin­land. The com­pany has branches in Bengaluru, Mum­bai, Chen­nai, Pune, Hyderabad, Harid­war and Ahmed­abad. Sumitron is a lead­ing dis­trib­u­tor and stock­ist of the fol­low­ing prod­ucts.

Equip­ment: Sol­der­ing/des­ol­der­ing sta­tions, wave/re­flow sol­der­ing ma­chines, torque me­ters, manual/semi­au­to­matic/fully au­to­matic (ro­botic) liq­uid/paste dis­pensers, com­po­nent lead-form­ing and cut­ting ma­chines, var­i­ous PCB assem­bly equip­ment and elec­tronic mois­ture-proof stor­age cab­i­nets. The firm also stocks static mea­sur­ing in­stru­ments, a wide range of wire/ ca­ble strip­ping and cut­ting ma­chines, mi­cro­scopes, mag­ni­fiers, loupes and video in­spec­tion sys­tems, ionis­ers, tape and la­bel dis­pensers, flex­i­ble com­pact com­po­nent moun­ters, apart from ESDsafe work­benches and work­sta­tions.

Other prod­ucts in­clude high qual­ity pre­ci­sion test and mea­sur­ing equip­ment, in­stru­ments like dig­i­tal mul­ti­me­ters, clamp me­ters, in­su­la­tion testers, cir­cuit trac­ers, power qual­ity anal­y­sers, dig­i­tal ther­mome­ters, earth ground testers, vis­ual ther­mome­ters, scope me­ters, ther­mal im­agers, process cal­i­bra­tion tools, vi­bra­tion testers, etc.

Tools: Tools and tool­kits, wire/ca­ble strip­ping and crimp­ing tools and equip­ment, elec­tric screw­drivers and screw­driver bits, SMT tweez­ers, strip­ping tools, com­pres­sion tools, dig­i­tal torques, wrenches, etc. Other tools in­clude dig­i­tal calipers, torx key sets, hexagon key sets, in­su­lated screw­drivers, gen­eral/tele­com tool­kits and var­i­ous types of cut­ters in­clud­ing anvil cut­ters, mitre cut­ters, slat cut­ters, ca­ble duct cut­ters, tube and hose cut­ters and flat rib­bon ca­ble cut­ters.

Ma­te­ri­als: Solder bars, solder wires, solder pastes, fluxes, flux pens, con­duc­tive pens, over­coat pens, gold guard pens, solder masks, solder wicks and hand guard lo­tions, ca­ble ties, heat shrink­able tub­ing and ap­pli­ca­tion tool­ing, elec­tri­cal ter­mi­nals, con­nec­tors and re­lated tools, static con­trol so­lu­tion wipes, elec­tronic ma­te­ri­als and sup­plies, clean­room mops, swabs, ster­ile and pre-wet­ted wipes, con­tact lu­bri­cants, con­for­mal coat­ings, resins, and other clean­ing and ther­mal man­age­ment prod­ucts. The other ma­te­ri­als sup­plied by Sumitron in­clude ca­ble glands and butt splice con­nec­tors, MAC8 brand PCB hard­ware and ac­ces­sories, sten­cil clean­ing fab­ric and clean-room wipes, 3M con­tact clean­ers, elec­tronic de­greasers, flux re­movers, ESD mats and ad­he­sive/ clean­ing sup­plies.

Com­po­nents: Chip and leaded re­sis­tors, ca­pac­i­tors and other pas­sive com­po­nents, a broad range of stan­dard and cus­tom-built SMD/con­ven­tional com­po­nents, high power/high volt­age re­sis­tors and re­sis­tive ap­pli­ca­tions, elec­tri­cal/elec­tronic con­nec­tors and con­nec­tor sys­tems, heat sinks, dy­namic brak­ing re­sis­tors, alu­minium housed re­sis­tors and anti-con­den­sa­tion panel heaters.

Con­tact de­tails: No. F19/1, Sec­tor 8, Ro­hini, Opp. M2K, New Delhi 110085, Ph: 011-43824444(6-Lines); con­tact@, www.

Sumeet Jain, man­ag­ing di­rec­tor

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