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Op­ti­cal ro­tary torque sen­sors

Sen­sor Tech­nol­ogy has launched its dig­i­tal ORT 230/240 se­ries of sen­sors. These sen­sors are ideal for ap­pli­ca­tions that re­quire low torque and/or high band­width, as they pro­vide pre­cise, dy­namic mea­sure­ment of ro­tary and static torque of less than 100nm and for band­widths of up to 50kHz. The TorqSense ORT 230 se­ries of sen­sors pro­vides fixed volt­age or cur­rent ana­logue out­puts – one for torque, and one for ei­ther speed or power. The TorqSense ORT 240 se­ries pro­vides two user se­lectable volt­age or cur­rent ana­logue out­puts – one for torque and the other for ei­ther speed, power or peak torque – plus dig­i­tal out­puts in­clud­ing RS232, CANbus and USB for in­ter­fac­ing with mod­ern in­stru­men­ta­tion and lap­tops.

Sen­sor Tech­nol­ogy

Multi-layer ce­ramic chip ca­pac­i­tors

TDK Cor­po­ra­tion has de­vel­oped a new se­ries of ver­ti­cally stacked MEGACAP Type MLCCs that com­bine high ca­pac­i­tance and low ESR. The new CA se­ries of­fers rated volt­ages from 25V to 1000V and cov­ers a ca­pac­i­tance range from 20nF to 150µF. The new MLCCs are avail­able with C0G, X7T, X7S and X7R tem­per­a­ture char­ac­ter­is­tics. Thanks to their high ca­pac­i­tance values, the new ca­pac­i­tors are suit­able for the res­o­nant cir­cuits of wire­less and plug-in charg­ing sys­tems—for ex­am­ple, for in­dus­trial ve­hi­cles and robots. They can also be used in smooth­ing and de­cou­pling ap­pli­ca­tions in in­dus­trial equip­ment.

TDK Cor­po­ra­tion

Break­out board for sta­ble volt­age

Re­com has re­leased a break­out board to con­nect the Sen­sorTile from STMi­cro­elec­tron­ics to Re­com’s R-78S eval­u­a­tion board. This tech­nol­ogy en­ables the Sen­sorTile to draw a sta­ble

3.3V from a AA bat­tery down to volt­ages as low as 0.65V.

The R-78S3.3-0.1-EVM-1/STM1 break­out board has been de­signed to be used with an STMi­cro­elec­tron­ics STEVAL STLCS01V1 Sen­sorTile mod­ule, and the R-78S3.30.1-EVM-1 eval­u­a­tion mod­ule has been de­vel­oped to demon­strate IoT ap­pli­ca­tions us­ing the Sen­sorTile mod­ule. When pow­ered di­rectly through a coin cell bat­tery, the in­put volt­age can soon drop sig­nif­i­cantly af­ter only a few hours of use. This causes the Blue­tooth Low En­ergy trans­mis­sion unit to stop op­er­at­ing re­li­ably and wastes the en­ergy from the coin cell bat­tery.

Re­com Power

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