Ro­botic kits cat­e­gories

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Ro­bot kits can be cat­e­gorised based on the pur­pose for which these are bought:

Toy kits. These kits are nor­mally for young chil­dren. It is not a good idea to dis­count them just be­cause they are toys and their end users are nor­mally kids. The kit can eas­ily keep any­one busy for days. Some toy kits come as do- it- your­self kits.

Aca­demic kits. The aca­demic com­mu­nity has dis­tinct needs. Stu­dents nor­mally look for ways to ex­per­i­ment their con­cepts, ex­tend them and come up with new re­search and so on. Aca­demic kits are highly cus­tomis­able and come with a more stan­dard­ised in­ter­face. Com­pared to toy kits, these kits are likely to be much more open.

Hob­by­ist kits. A large num­ber of kits in the mar­ket are man­u­fac­tured for in­di­vid­u­als in­ter­ested in the field. These vary greatly in avail­able fea­tures, cost and type of com­po­nents in­volved.

Ad­vanced re­search plat­form. These kits are de­signed to fur­ther the study of robotics. The cost could go up to thou­sands of dol­lars. The kits are specif­i­cally made for state- of- the- ar t re­search in the field of robotics.

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