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sup­ply con­trollers. These de­vices de­tect no-load con­di­tions and sig­nal the power sup­ply to en­ter a low-con­sump­tion ‘ off’ mode. In­te­grated fea­tures in­clude con­stant-voltage and con­stant-cur­rent reg­u­la­tion as well as op­tional built-in LED driver for adap­tor in­di­ca­tor light. Ar­row Elec­tron­ics In­dia Pvt Ltd, Noida Fax: (0120) 4535505 Phone: 4535500 Web:­rowa­

Voltage-level trans­la­tor

Stmi­cro­elec­tron­ics has in­tro­duced a voltage- level trans­la­tor com­pli­ant with Se­cure Dig­i­tal ( SD) 13.0 stan­dard. The ST6G3244 cou­ples high-speed op­er­a­tion with very low power dis­si­pa­tion, sup­ported with the power-down mode. Data in­tegrity is se­cured through prop­a­ga­tion de­lays, elec­tro­mag­netic­in­ter­fer­ence fil­ters and sig­nal con­di­tion­ing.

The trans­la­tor in­cor­po­rates 15kv air-gap elec­tro­static dis­charge pro­tec­tion on the card side. The se­lecta­ble­sup­ply (1.8V or 2.9V), 6-bit bidi­rec­tional Cmos-level trans­la­tor for SD, mini-sd and mi­cro-sd mem­ory card is of­fered in BGA25 pack­age. Stmi­cro­elec­tron­ics Pvt Ltd, Greater Noida Fax: (0120) 4243417 Phone: 4003001 E-mail: Web:

Low-loss SIC power de­vices

Re­ne­sas Elec­tron­ics Cor­po­ra­tion has launched three sil­i­con-car­bide (SIC) power de­vices with voltage tol­er­ance of 600V.

The RJQ6020DPM de­vice for crit­i­cal- con­duc­tion- mode power fac­tor cor­rec­tion (PFC) ap­pli­ca­tions com­bines in a sin­gle pack­age an Sic-schot­tky bar­rier diode (SBD) and two high- voltage power MOSFETS. The re­verse re­cov­ery time of SIC-SBD is 15 nanosec­onds. The RJQ6021DPM de­vice for con­tin­u­ous-con­duc­tion-mode PFC ap­pli­ca­tions com­bines in a sin­gle pack­age an SIC-SBD and two in­su­lated-gate bipo­lar tran­sis­tors. The RJQ6022DPM de­vice for in­verter half-bridge cir­cuits com­bines in a sin­gle pack­age two SICSBDS and two IGBTS. Re­ne­sas Elec­tron­ics Sin­ga­pore Pte Ltd, Ben­galuru Fax: (080) 67208777 Phone: 67208700 Web:­ne­

TEST & MEA­SURE­MENT Burst gen­er­a­tor

Sci­en­tific Mes Tech­nik has added burst gen­er­a­tors from Schloder, Gmbh to its prod­uct fam­ily. SFT 1400 and SFT 1420 are avail­able in 125khz and 2000khz fre­quency range, re­spec­tively.

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