What is Ups/in­verter ef­fi­ciency?

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The en­ergy ef­fi­ciency of UPS sys­tem/in­verter is the dif­fer­ence be­tween the amount of en­ergy that is used by a UPS sys­tem and the amount of use­ful en­ergy that it de­liv­ers to power loads.

In all UPS sys­tems, some amount of en­ergy is lost as heat when it passes through the in­ter­nal com­po­nents of the UPS (trans­form­ers, rec­ti­fiers, in­vert­ers, etc). The amount of en­ergy lost be­tween the in­put and out­put can be sig­nif­i­cant when you con­sider the costs of the wasted en­ergy. En­ergy ef­fi­ciency ad­van­tages of as lit­tle as 1 per cent be­tween one UPS and an­other can trans­late into thou­sands of ru­pees saved per year, de­pend­ing on the size of the UPS.

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