De­sign Pro­fes­sion­als’ Opin­ion on Var­i­ous De­vel­op­ment Boards

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Amit Go­hel, em­bed­ded de­sign en­gi­neer:

“MSP430 will be the most suit­able board for be­gin­ners since it is very in­ex­pen­sive and has free IDE, GRACE sup­port, ul­tra-low-power core with good per­for­mance, mixed-sig­nal MCU, and a va­ri­ety of pack­ages from DIP20 to LQFP. The best of all you get free sam­ples from TI.”

“Ar­duino is best if you are de­sign­ing con­trol­ling hard­ware, and is the most com­monly used board for in­ter­ac­tive projects. With the huge amount of sup­port avail­able ev­ery­where, this would be the ob­vi­ous so­lu­tion for be­gin­ners like students and am­a­teurs work­ing on em­bed­ded projects. A lot of shields are also avail­able for Ar­duino, which al­lows for easy stack­ing.”

Bi­noy John­son, hard­ware de­sign en­gi­neer:

“While the STM32 has com­par­a­tively lim­ited in­for­ma­tion on­line, it is the low­est­cost so­lu­tion out there, and so would be a bet­ter choice for cost-sen­si­tive ap­pli­ca­tions. On the other hand, the Bea­gle­Board is some­thing that stands out among the rest. Its ca­pa­bil­i­ties are much higher as it can port Linux and An­droid, and is a good choice for a be­gin­ner in em­bed­ded Linux. Of course, the Rasp­berry Pi is now in com­pe­ti­tion.”

“I am teach­ing pro­gram­ming to students of class IX to XII in Nithari Vil­lage us­ing Rasp­berry Pi and students are just lov­ing it. While de­vel­op­ing com­mer­cial prod­ucts, my favourite now is STM32, which can drive TFT and touch­screen dis­play. I have dis­carded MSP430 and Ar­duino, as i don’t find then use­ful for ei­ther com­mer­cial prod­ucts or teach­ing now. In 2011, I had used Ar­duino for com­mer­cial de­signs as well as for train­ings.”

“MSP430 is the best choice when work­ing with deeply em­bed­ded low-power prod­ucts. For ap­pli­ca­tions which de­mand higher pro­cess­ing power, 32-bit pro­ces­sors should be used. Here STM32 Cor­tex M3 comes to res­cue. For even big­ger projects or prod­ucts that re­quire a high-level oper­at­ing sys­tem, Bea­gle­board can be used.”

Shrenik Shikhare, em­bed­ded soft­ware en­gi­neer:

Vinay Chad­dha, GVC Sys­tems:

Zahir Parkar, firmware en­gi­neer:

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