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1. Speech as­sist. The de­vice speaks each char­ac­ter be­fore chang­ing the pat­tern in the Braille cell. This helps ex­ten­sively in self-learn­ing and re­duces the ef­fort of the Braille teacher.

2. Handy re­mote con­trol. Userinde­pen­dent learn­ing, de­signed for sin­gle hand and thumb op­er­a­tion.

3. Min­i­mum but­tons. All of which can be reached out by the left- or right-hand thumb, thus do­ing away with awk­ward grap­pling with the re­mote.

4. Mem­ory in­cluded. A 2GB mem­ory card has been in­cluded to as­sim­i­late the data of at least twelve lan­guages.

The de­vice was de­signed and fab­ri­cated in Mysore us­ing locally avail­able com­po­nents. Keep­ing In­dian con­di­tions in mind, it is pro­vided with rough in­dus­trial-grade en­clo­sures for rugged­ness.

The re­mote unit as­sists the child in pick­ing up Braille quickly. It has seven but­tons, viz, quizLlearn, first, last, pre­vi­ous, next, lan­guage and an­swer. The fea­tures are so sim­ple that it takes only a few min­utes of ori­en­ta­tion by the teacher for the stu­dent to learn its work­ing per­fectly.


TKe fiUVW SURWRWySe wDV PDGe neDUOy three years ago. It had an U-bit At­mel AVR (ATmegaP2) con­troller inside. The de­vice had cap­tive beads with just one Braille cell and pro­duced sim­ple beeps in the speaker. When Setty pre­sented it to the lo­cal school for the vis­ually im­paired, the teach­ers and students at WKe VFKRRO WRRN WR WKe FRnFeSW OiNe fiVK to wa­ter but wanted to add speech ca­pa­bil­ity to the de­vice. That is how the de­vice got that par­tic­u­lar fea­ture.

The sec­ond pro­to­type was built with speech ca­pa­bil­ity as a tech­nol­ogy demon­stra­tor. “Our com­pany de­vel­oped the speech play­back soft­ware from a con­troller’s flash mem­ory, through a speaker which was in­te­grated by ju­nior en­gi­neers into the sec­ond pro­to­type they had built,” shares Setty.

“We de­vel­oped the third pro­to­type in-house and ad­dressed the mem­ory prob­lem. We put a 2GB Sa card inside

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