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“As you might ex­pect, the range-top­ping Mul­sanne

ac­com­mo­dates ev­ery imag­in­able lux­ury”

weight, while the di­men­sions sit bang in be­tween the 3 Se­ries and A4.

Elec­tric steer­ing

The XE is the first Jaguar with elec­tric power steer­ing. “Our tar­get is class-lead­ing steer­ing,” says Kevin Strand, Ve­hi­cle Line Di­rec­tor for the XE. “We have been tun­ing this steer­ing for prob­a­bly two years, get­ting the al­go­rithms and me­chan­i­cal bits right. We wanted to make it feel great and I think we are very pleased with how that has come out.”

The XE also uses learn­ings from Land Rover's Ter­rain Re­sponse to cre­ate ASPC (All Sur­face Progress Con­trol) that de­liv­ers grip in low grip sit­u­a­tions, giv­ing the rear-wheel-drive car almost AWD-like trac­tion.


While still a touch­screen, the in­fo­tain­ment sys­tem is com­pletely revamped with an 8-inch screen com­ple­mented by hard switches, faster re­sponse times and an im­proved in­ter­face. Incon­trol apps al­lows pair­ing and ac­cess to smart­phone apps via the screen, mainly re­lated to mu­sic and calls. The re­mote func­tion­al­ity also al­lows smart­phones to con­nect to the car and con­trol a range of ve­hi­cle func­tions in­clud­ing ac­ti­vat­ing the cli­mate con­trol sys­tem, lock­ing or un­lock­ing the doors, or start­ing the en­gine.

Head turner

All the tech­nol­ogy in the world wouldn't make a dif­fer­ence if the XE didn't turn heads. The XE does. It is a gen­tle it­er­a­tion of Jaguar's de­sign lan­guage as seen on the XF and does not set out to shock. How­ever, in de­sign di­rec­tor Ian Callum, Jaguar does have one of the great­est de­sign­ers of this gen­er­a­tion, and the XE is a prop­erly beau­ti­ful car. The proportions are per­fectly ex­e­cuted – short front over­hang, longer rear over­hang and a cab-rear­ward stance. The XE gets a low, sporty driv­ing po­si­tion and a sleek, coupe-like pro­file, rem­i­nis­cent of the XF. More XF cues can be found in the nar­row, sleek head­lamps, power bulge in the bon­net and the ris­ing waist­line. There is also a strong fam­ily re­sem­blance to the F-type in the rear, though this is the most con­ser­va­tive an­gle of the car.

The bench­mark

“The 3 Se­ries, C-Class and A4 are bril­liant cars,” says Kevin Strand. “It's the hard­est seg­ment in the world. The 3 Se­ries set the stan­dard for a driver's car orig­i­nally. The C-Class has done a great job and it has got some great de­sign, a great cabin. Also the A4, it has got some great de­sign el­e­ments as well.”

“We are not scared to say that all th­ese are great cars. But this had to be a Jaguar. Half way through the de­vel­op­ment we re­alised you can't just take a bit of this and bit of that, you just can't. And that's what I think makes Jaguar great in that we still un­der­stood that.”

Jaguar has nailed the styling, there's no doubt about that. But to suc­ceed in this seg­ment, the XE will have to have great ride, great han­dling and great per­for­mance, not to men­tion great pric­ing. It will be a cou­ple of months be­fore we know if it ticks all those boxes.

Above: The dual-tone red and black in­te­ri­ors ac­cen­tu­ate the XE's sporty im­age

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