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The news that Mercedes-AMG will fit its nine-speed Speed­shift gear­box to the new E 63 models is good: one crit­i­cism of the out­go­ing car was its slow and slightly dim-wit­ted au­to­matic trans­mis­sion.

The switch to four-wheel drive is less wel­come, but the E 63 S in par­tic­u­lar is go­ing to need all the help it can get to trans­mit 850Nm to the road. Although be­ing able to switch drive to the rear axle only by se­lect­ing Drift Mode will sat­isfy side­ways he­roes.

Ul­ti­mately, we’d like AMG to trans­fer the in­volve­ment and agility it has in­jected into the C 63 S Coupe to the new E 63. A setup that works and re­wards pre­cise driv­ing rather than try­ing to mask you from the ac­tion – a trait the old car had when com­pared with the likes of BMW’s M5 – would help lift the E 63 to the top of the su­per­sa­loon tree. and devel­op­ing its twist across a larger swathe of the tachome­ter’s sweep. A pair of new twin-scroll tur­bocharg­ers are the cause, ramp­ing up both per­for­mance and re­sponse, while cylin­der de­ac­ti­va­tion is em­ployed to at­tempt to stem the po­ten­tial thirst of such a po­tent en­gine.

Power is de­ployed through a nine-speed AMG Speed­shift MCT ‘multi-clutch trans­mis­sion’ with a wet start-off clutch. Air Body Con­trol multi-cham­ber air sus­pen­sion is stan­dard, al­beit tweaked by AMG for a suit­able ride and han­dling bal­ance.

Styling is typ­i­cal AMG, with beefier arches and a wider track for a more mus­cu­lar ap­pear­ance, and a re­designed bon­net more like that of AMG’s coupes. The ra­di­a­tor grille is also new for E 63 models, while front and rear bumpers are more ag­gres­sive than those of even the AMG E 43s. Like all E-Class vari­ants, the cabin is also beau­ti­fully trimmed and packed with enough tech to make the S-Class look ana­logue.

If this all sounds a lit­tle sen­si­ble, we’re pleased to re­port that the E63’s abil­ity to gen­er­ate lo­calised, rub­ber-based weather sys­tems hasn’t dis­ap­peared en­tirely. That trac­tio­nen­hanc­ing 4Matic+ all-wheel drive has a party trick: for the first time it’s able to fully vary torque be­tween the front and rear axles. Se­lect­ing Race mode, de­ac­ti­vat­ing the ESP and putting the trans­mis­sion into its man­ual mode ac­ti­vates Drift Mode, ren­der­ing both the E 63 and E 63 S rear-wheel drive only. Noise and smoke? We think so…

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