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Maserati’s Head of Op­er­a­tions, In­dia speaks to us about the brand and its fu­ture in our coun­try

Evo India - - ICOTY 2017 -

ABOUT THE IN­DIAN MAR­KET: It’s a bit dif­fer­ent I would say. We en­tered the mar­ket be­cause we be­lieve that there is a po­ten­tial for Maserati and that cus­tomers are re­ally in­ter­ested in our prod­ucts and in our brand, so I wouldn’t limit the brand be­cause we have a prod­uct for each stage. We have sport which is the Gran­Tur­ismo which is a prac­ti­cal, on-road race car, then the Qu­at­tro­porte and the Ghi­bli, which are sports ex­ec­u­tive sedans, and Le­vante is a com­pletely new seg­ment. We are go­ing to con­tinue strate­gi­cally based on all as­pects and it is not go­ing to be based only on the Le­vante. Our fo­cus now is the Le­vante, then the Qu­at­tro­porte, the Ghi­bli and even­tu­ally the GranCabrio and the Gran­Tur­ismo, it’s all in the plan.

About Le­vante:

SUV mar­ket is the fastest grow­ing seg­ment world­wide for all man­u­fac­tur­ers so yes, we ex­pect that it’s go­ing to be a higher num­ber (when com­pared to su­per­cars). The Ghi­bli is also sell­ing in higher num­bers than su­per­cars.

(In In­dia) The Le­vante will be launched in the diesel ver­sion, so there is no time dif­fer­ence. The only dif­fer­ence is that it will be right-hand drive, not left­hand drive. The en­gine is the same too as the one in the Ghi­bli. And there is no V8 ex­pected in the near fu­ture. We will see about petrol in the fu­ture, but now only diesel. Be­cause the petrol car is not avail­able in right-hand drive for now.

Glob­ally pre­ferred en­gines:

Diesel or petrol, it's hard to tell the split be­cause Euro­pean coun­tries are more in­clined to­wards diesel be­cause of the ef­fi­ciency while you have the Mid­dle East where they pre­fer a petrol car. In Asia you have a mix­ture of petrol and diesel, it has been dif­fi­cult to say at the mo­ment what the split be­tween petrol and diesel is.

Cur­rent sce­nario of sales in In­dia:

We have sold a few GTs and we also have the lat­est car on of­fer with the Zegna Silk in­te­ri­ors, which is quite unique. At the mo­ment the MY17 is not launched in In­dia but we still of­fer the MY16 with the Zegna Silk in­te­ri­ors for the Qu­at­tro­porte. We ex­pect the GranCabrio and Gran­Tur­ismo to be up­dated soon too.

News for In­dia:

We have the Le­vante, we have the new MY17 Qu­at­tro­porte, and later on to­wards the end of the year, the Ghi­bli. So it is a lot of changes. To sum­marise what we have planned for the mar­ket: we ex­pect to have a wider reach so all the prod­ucts need to be avail­able. We are in the dou­ble-digit range in In­dia. While we want to grow, we still want to main­tain our ex­clu­siv­ity.

While we want to grow, we still want to main­tain our ex­clu­siv­ity

Le­vante’s com­pe­ti­tion:

In In­dia and world­wide, the Le­vante is com­pe­ti­tion to Cayenne, not in-be­tween but di­rect com­pe­ti­tion. It isn't com­pe­ti­tion to the F-Pace ac­tu­ally, that’s a lower seg­ment, so you have the X6, the Q7, the X5 and the GLE but those are for in­stance, lo­cally pro­duced. In terms of price, it will fall be­tween the Ghi­bli and the Qu­at­tro­porte.

Growth plans:

Of course, like other com­pa­nies we in­tend to grow, so is the net­work. Our plan in the long run is to ex­pand be­cause at the mo­ment we don’t have a cover reach­ing the east of the coun­try and then we in­tend to ex­pand the net­work more. In the south it can be with the same part­ners or it can be with new part­ners, so we will see de­pend­ing on the de­mand and the po­ten­tial, we will grow the net­work ac­cord­ingly.

In terms of num­bers, cur­rently the big­gest mar­ket is north­ern In­dia, like any other man­u­fac­turer fol­lowed by the mid­west.

De­mon­eti­sa­tion ef­fects:

About de­mon­eti­sa­tion, it’s re­ally too soon to say as all of the trans­ac­tions are done in ad­vance. It’s re­ally too soon to say if there is any, of course the over­all re­sult is yet to be seen.

Good news for cus­tomers:

Hav­ing an owner’s club and drives are all big plans. We have a lot of things to do next year, of course. We are plan­ning some events then let’s see how it goes and what the next year brings for us. It is a big year for us and for Maserati cus­tomers.

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