WIN­NING BY ADIL JAL DARUKHANAWALA `4,500 (hard­cover) ama­

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Win­ning. That’s what they do,

Mercedes-Benz. If you ask some­one about Mercedes-Benz’s dom­i­nance over mo­tor­sport, you’d most likely be pointed to­wards their re­cent dom­i­nance over For­mula 1. Be­cause they’ve been win­ning. Con­sis­tently. But Mercedes-Benz’s dom­i­nance over the sport of mo­tor rac­ing stretches way, way back — back to the days of the first horse­less car­riages.

And this is pre­cisely what Adil Jal Darukhanawala has chron­i­cled in his book ti­tled ‘Win­ning’. It takes you back to the in­cep­tion of the mo­tor­car, and traces the his­tory of Daim­ler Mo­toren Ge­sellschaft and Benz & Cie and their tryst with mo­tor­sport. The book is over­flow­ing with in­for­ma­tion, but what re­ally makes it spe­cial are the pho­to­graphs that Adil has man­aged to col­late and cap­tion. The book features over 970 im­ages and each one has a story be­hind it. This visual con­nect re­ally gets you en­grossed in the book — be­ing able to look at the cars, the peo­ple that cre­ated them and raced them, be­ing able to look at them go through their highs and lows is so much bet­ter than sim­ply read­ing about it. The book is so well put to­gether, that you do not nec­es­sar­ily have to read it in chrono­log­i­cal or­der — open any page and you will be treated to tremen­dous pho­to­graphs with their back­sto­ries, that can be en­joyed as stand­alone anec­dotes. But if you do go through it chrono­log­i­cally, you will no­tice how much to­day’s cars owe to mo­tor­sport of the past.

Mo­tor­sport aside, what makes this book re­ally rel­e­vant to the In­dian reader is the sec­ond part of this book. Adil has traced the roots of Benz & Cie's in­volve­ment in In­dia all the way back to 1897! Did you know that Daim­ler and Hin­dus­tan Mo­tors nearly came to­gether in 1950 to pro­duce trucks? But that didn't work out and they tied up with Tata in­stead. There isn't a sin­gle re­source which can give you such a de­tailed his­tory about the three­p­ointed star’s in­volve­ment in our coun­try. And this makes it a must-have for every bud­ding auto en­thu­si­ast’s li­brary.

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