If ever there was a car that did its name jus­tice the new­est V12 Fer­rari is it


It sounds bet­ter than an F1 car, goes al­most as quick, looks bet­ter than a mil­lion bucks and is the ul­ti­mate sex bomb on wheels

IT’S HALF PAST FIVE IN THE EVENING AS THE sun con­tin­ues to mer­ci­lessly beat down on ev­ery car guy’s mecca. We’ve spent the day as­sault­ing the hills of Mo­dena, found roads so glo­ri­ous we nearly ran out of fuel chas­ing our tail, and grew hoarse pro­claim­ing ev­ery­thing from the en­gine to the gear­box to be best of the best in the world. Our ears are ring­ing, hands trem­bling. And the best has been saved for last. Fio­rano in a Fer­rari is what chil­dren read­ing car mag­a­zines dream of. It’s what grown men dream of. This is why you be­come an au­to­mo­tive jour­nal­ist, to one day test a Fer­rari at Fio­rano. The place is hal­lowed ground, drip­ping in his­tory and soaked in folk­lore. It’s hard to be ob­jec­tive when your red test car is idling in Pi­azza Michael Schu­macher un­der the shade of the cot­tage Enzo Fer­rari lived in. Even harder when in the mid­dle of film­ing you’re of­fered a quick wan­der through Il Com­menda­tore’s old digs, shuf­fling through the study over­flow­ing with what is now priceless mem­o­ra­bilia, the din­ing room that hosted the great­est of F1 greats of yesteryears, leaf­ing through data sheets from ev­ery F1 race ever and In­sta­gram­ming the old tele­phone over which up­dates were re­layed from races around the world. You’re asked to main­tain re­spect­fully hushed tones even though the house is empty, as if you’re in a place of wor­ship. Which you are! And out on track there’s aV 12 mak­ing sounds 200 per­cent hornier than to­day’ s For­mula 1 cars.

That car is the 812 Superfast and as far as names go it is the most cheesy name to adorn a road car. It’s like Land Rover chris­ten­ing the next De fender' En­joys get­ting a bit muddy ', or the Prius be­ing called 'To­tally lack­ing in emo­tion '. I could go on but truth be told, Su­per fast is an ab­so­lutely ap­pro­pri­ate name for what truly is the pin­na­cle of V12 road cars.

Can you even be­gin to imag­ine what a V12 mo­tor shriek­ing at 8900rpm sounds like?

Left and above: El­e­ments of F12 can be clearly seen in the 812’s sil­hou­ette; the de­sign of the car’s rear, mean­while, has changed sub­stan­tially to ac­com­mo­date the new dif­fuser

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