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Right said, evo! De­sign to­day is ev­ery­thing and is an ar­gu­ment that I keep hav­ing with my col­leagues and friends. Take the Range Rover Ve­lar. You've clearly said the Q7 is the bet­ter SUV but you guys too have been swayed by the styling of the Ve­lar and have rec­om­mended it. This is an area that JLR have but­toned down bet­ter than any other man­u­fac­turer. There must be in­ter­nal com­pe­ti­tion go­ing on be­tween Jerry Mc­Gov­ern and Ian Cal­lum to outdo each other, for­get what the com­pe­ti­tion is do­ing. And I am of the opin­ion that Jerry is killing it right now. Maybe not the new Dis­cov­ery but look at the rest of the Land Rover and Range Rover line-up. And in­spired by all this is over very own Pratap Bose who is churn­ing out just as­ton­ish­ing ve­hi­cles at Tata Mo­tors. I was at the Auto Expo and the H5X SUV stood head and shoul­ders above ev­ery­thing else. And if you go by the con­cept to re­al­ity jour­ney of the Nexon, the H5X or what­ever it will be called with turn heads for sure. In all this, Tata Mo­tors needs to be given full marks for recog­nis­ing the pre-em­i­nence of de­sign and el­e­vat­ing their de­sign teams to the very top of the hierarchy. All their prod­uct launches have the designers un­der the spot­light, even at Tata Mo­tors. And you have to com­mend them for their vi­sion.

Sam Kurien

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