Blast­ing round the roads of South­ern Spain and lap­ping the As­cari race track in VW’s lat­est GTIs


Three days spent with three very fast VWs – Up, Polo and of course, the Golf!

WANT A GTI? YOU SHOULD HAVE wo­ken up sooner, buddy! The minute VW cor­rected prices every last one of the Polo GTIs were gob­bled up and that, as they say, is that. The Polo GTI is sold out, pro­duc­tion is over, and there’s an all-new Polo GTI with new MQB un­der­pin­nings and a big­ger mo­tor bor­rowed from the Golf GTI. There’s also a new Up GTI – the car they call the spir­i­tual suc­ces­sor to the orig­i­nal Golf GTI; a car that per­for­mance car journos have been fall­ing over them­selves for; its combo of small en­gine, small price tag and man­ual gear­box. And of course at the top of the range is the all-singing-all-dancing Golf GTI, which in turn has spawned the an­gry Golf TCR race­car.

We’ve got two days on the sun-kissed roads of Malaga in south­ern Spain and then a day at the pri­vate As­cari race­track to get soaked in the GTI leg­end and zero in on the car Volk­swa­gen should bring to In­dia to suc­ceed the Polo GTI.

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