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Here’s the thing. I like big, burly and bois­ter­ous cars. I ap­pre­ci­ate their be­ing, and the idea of tag­ging your fam­ily around in one is ap­peal­ing. Also, as much as a car as vig­or­ously en­ter­tain­ing as the new E63 S had you write on it the way you did has me see no point in dis­agree­ment, I still don’t think I’d buy one. I miss the W212 E63 AMG. It never showed its girth when go­ing side­ways in the man­ner the W213 does, sounded equally bru­tal, and most of all, looked re­ally sharp. The new E63 S looks like the new C63 S with pixie dust sprin­kled on it - and the very thought an­noys me. Own­ing the old W212 E63 made a lot more sense be­cause noth­ing looked like it. It boasted of a de­sign that would have me save its pic­ture in a folder; the new car doesn’t make me want to do that. It’s too bul­bous, looks like some­thing else, and wouldn’t even look half as sin­is­ter if it isn’t for that grey matte fin­ish. And at the risk of be­ing re­ported as spam, the idea of a pre-owned 981 Cay­man S with no more than 12,000km on the clock, for a lot less money, and lots more money to spare for track­days, doesn’t sound like a bad idea. It’s low, lithe, sporty and prac­ti­cal - what’s not to like?

Re­han Cony­ers

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