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Board room meet­ings can be tir­ing for the eyes, with mi­nus­cule charts and writ­ing on 55-inch dis­plays. The big­ger pro­jec­tors can take ages to start and link only to lap­tops. Acer’s lat­est, the K330, puts these con­cerns to rest. The big pro­jec­tor not only starts quickly but is also USB com­pat­i­ble, im­me­di­ately open­ing up new sources for pro­jec­tion con­tent be­sides the lap­top.

The K330 is in rich white and should fit in with most of­fice dé­cor. All the es­sen­tial con­trols—the power key, menu, en­ter and nav­i­ga­tion keys—are neatly placed at the top. They do not in­ter­fere with the de­sign of the pro­jec­tor. The main menu com­prises set­tings, of­fice, videos and im­ages.

The lens cas­ing can be used to ad­just the fo­cus man­u­ally. Thanks to the sleek body, it can find room in any cor­ner of the of­fice if it doesn’t ahve its own per­ma­nent niche there. At 1.24 kg, it is light enough to be car­ried around. The box has a smart sleeve that pro­tects the ma­chine from dust.

The big­gest plus point of this pro­jec­tor is the huge va­ri­ety of con­nec­tiv­ity op­tions at the back—a VGA port for con­nect­ing it to a PC, USB port, mi­crousb port, HDMI port and a mem­ory card reader along with the video, AV in and au­dio out ports. Un­like other pro­jec­tors where the shut down and boot up times take 30 sec­onds and more, the K330 starts up in­side of a few sec­onds.

Us­ing the K330, you can project pre­sen­ta­tions, videos, pic­tures, etc. An LED pro­jec­tor, it pro­vides bright­ness of 500 lu­mens in the nor­mal mode. The text im­ages pro­jected are crisp and clear. You have the op­tion to switch to the eco mode where the bright­ness dims to 400 lu­mens. The dif­fer­ence is not a merely in the lu­men fig­ures; it is no­tice­able in the qual­ity of the pro­jected im­agery also.

The sound out­put is av­er­age as the K330 has a 2W in­ter­nal speaker. Com­pared with other pro­jec­tors, this Acer ma­chine does not make much noise dur­ing op­er­a­tion. Also, since it uses LED il­lu­mi­na­tion, it does not gen­er­ate much heat. With pro­jec­tion dis­tance of close to 1-10 m, the im­age it projects ranges from 30 inches to 100 inches. The menu con­tains other fea­tures such as auto-shut off fea­ture, high al­ti­tude mode, alarm, etc. Acer claims the LED lamp life is around 20,000 hours.

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