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Mar­cus Fenix is back, guns blaz­ing, with his old bud­dies Dom San­ti­ago and Au­gus­tus Cole in the fi­nal edi­tion of Gearsofwar3: Broth­ers to the End. They are here to save the near ex­tinct hu­man race from a new form of Lo­custs called the Lam­bent. Fenix is haunted by vi­sions of his fa­ther’s death only to find out that Adam Jonathan Fenix is very much alive and might ac­tu­ally own a weapon to erad­i­cate the Lam­bent for good. As for Dom, he has be­come a farmer and plant­ing has be­come his pas­sion. But don’t let Dom’s agrar­ian pur­suits fool you. Al­low the Lam­bent to mess up his gar­den and see him get all charged up and va­por­ise the Lo­custs.

The graph­ics for the in­tense gun fights touch strato­spheric lev­els that leaves gore splat­tered all over the screen. Look at the ru­ins of the world and you are re­minded of a se­verely bom­barded Beirut or John Con­nor’s stark world from the movie Ter­mi­na­tor. The small­est of the small­est de­tail cre­ates an environment that ex­plains the game through the pow­er­ful vi­su­als.

The Lam­bent shoot fire balls and keep mov­ing, forc­ing you to take cover. If you are in­ept at dive-roll move­ments then you’re toast. These mu­tated en­e­mies keep you on your toes, so un­like in the pre­vi­ous GOW ver­sions, you can’t just stroll and scope out a cover and then start blast­ing the Lo­cust. The good news is that your re­flexes are faster and so your com­bat ma­noeu­vres are a lot more pre­cise. The trade­mark cover-based com­bat has im­proved leaps and bounds mak­ing sure you get the ac­tual feel of the bat­tle zone.

Ev­ery GOW has al­ways been marked by new weapons to play with—and the third it­er­a­tion is no dif­fer­ent. Each weapon you lay your hands on of­fers unique fea­tures. But don’t go all Rambo and waste ammo. Pre­serve your fire­power and grab what­ever the en­emy has dropped af­ter a skir­mish. My favourite weapon was the Dig­ger Launcher, which fires a bur­row­ing grenade that ex­plodes be­hind cover.

There are two cap­ti­vat­ing modes. There is the fa­mil­iar Horde mode in­tro­duced in Gears ofwar2. Ba­si­cally five hu­man play­ers fight against an al­most never end­ing wave of the Lo­cust. But now with the money earned by killing the en­emy, you can build for­ti­fi­ca­tions to bol­ster your de­fences. Ba­si­cally, more the im­prove­ments you carry out, bet­ter your chances of sur­vival. The sec­ond mode, the Beast mode, gives you the chance to be a mon­ster and slaugh­ter hu­mans. You will earn currency and you can choose the type of Lo­cust you want to be.

This in­tense shooter is the best in the GOW se­ries. The graph­ics grab the essence of the gun bat­tles as do the sound ef­fects. With the tril­ogy com­ing to an end, it feels like an old friend has de­serted you.

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