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I had some im­por­tant pic­tures on my iphone which got deleted by mis­take. I had taken a data backup some time ago and so tried to re­store pic­tures from that backup. I re­stored data from the backup to my iphone through itunes. How­ever, some of the pic­tures are still not open­ing when I click on them for a larger view even though the thumb­nail view shows those pic­tures. Are the pic­tures cor­rupted? How can I re­store the? I would like to have them be­cause they are of im­por­tance to me. Kindly as­sist me. Sivkan Puri , on email

Since you have al­ready backed up the data but are not see­ing them in full view af­ter re­store, we would sug­gest that you to go for a man­ual fac­tory re­set of your hand­set. This can be done by vis­it­ing ‘Set­tings’ and then ‘Gen­eral’ and scrolling to the bot­tom for ‘Re­set’. (Fac­tory re­set deletes data, so back up new ones). Once done, plug in your iphone to your PC and launch itunes. While sync­ing, se­lect the op­tion, ‘Re­store from the backup’. It will take some time but will re­store all the data that was backed up. Hope­fully, this should solve your prob­lem and you will be able to ac­cess all the im­ages.

I have an old PC and its moth­er­board is an HIS Model: M50-61. It only sup­ports184-pin DDR SDRAM. I have 80 GB hard disk space and I don’t know about graph­ics but they are very low as I can’t run Gta:sanan­dreas game on it. I wanted to up­grade my PC, but the en­gi­neer told that I needed to change my moth­er­board to in­stall a new SATA hard disk and a DVD writer. Can you sug­gest good mod­els in which I get 500 GB hard disk space and graph­ics that can run the lat­est games like FIFA12, PES12 and oth­ers. I also need a good DVD writer and an In­tel i3 pro­ces­sor. My bud­get is

20,000. I wish to buy a soc­cer game but I am con­fused be­tween PES12 and FIFA12. What is you sug­ges­tion? De­vansh Chawda , on email

The prob­lem with your query is your bud­get. For

20,000, it would be very dif­fi­cult to find a ` branded desk­top with the sort of spec­i­fi­ca­tions that you want, which mainly are a huge hard drive and a good graph­ics card to run some pop­u­lar game. At a lit­tle over 40,000 you could bring home the HP Elite M

` 9400 (320 GB HDD and NVIDIA 9300GE graph­ics card). If funds are a big con­straint, you would have no op­tion but to go to a lo­cal dealer and wran­gle a deal on an as­sem­bled PC.

The re­view of FIFA 12 was pub­lished in the Novem­ber is­sue of G&G. PES 12 is yet to reach us. How­ever, the re­viewer of FIFA 12 en­joyed the game im­mensely and we are sure you would love it too.

Since the time, Sam­sung an­nounced its Galaxy Note at the IFA Ber­lin, I was ex­cited about this de­vice. As the com­pany claims, it can com­pen­sate for both a smart­phone and a tablet. I wish to know whether this is true or not. I wish to buy an all-in-one desk­top with TV tuner and wide bud­get is around 40,000.

` Also, how can I con­nect my Playsta­tion3 with a desk­top? Piyush, on email

You can choose among Len­ovo Idea Cen­tre A320 (with HDMI), HP Omni 200 -534 (with­out HDMI) and the Dell In­sp­iron One 2320 (with­out HDMI). These are priced at

40,000-45,000. You ` can con­nect a PS3 to a desk­top us­ing the HDMI-IN port.

Also, it ap­par­ently comes with a sty­lus. But can it be used only at cer­tain places or is com­pat­i­ble over­all with the de­vice? Is the Note worth buy­ing? Rishi Jain, on email

The Sam­sung Galaxy Note is a neat de­vice. Tech­ni­cally, since a SIM card can be in­stalled on the de­vice, it can be used for call­ing. But the 5.3-inch dis­play makes the de­vice fairly awk­ward to hold for calls. As for its tablet func­tions, it has the ca­pa­bil­ity to re­place a 7-inch tablet. As a tablet, its size makes it ex­tra por­ta­ble. Also, the sty­lus works across the de­vice and is not just an app. Hav­ing trou­ble with your lap­top? Would like to boost your cell phone’s ca­pa­bil­i­ties? Want ad­vice on what cam­era is best for your needs? Write to us with all your queries and we will have ex­perts an­swer­ing them.

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