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WHAT WE LIKED: The Xoom is a beau­ti­ful piece of hard­ware. The an­odised alu­minum body looks hand­some and feels good to hold. Grip­ping it is eas­ier with both hands in the land­scape mode. The 5 MP aut­o­fo­cus cam­era is ex­cel­lent as tab cams go—even when us­ing the dual-led flash in dim light­ing con­di­tions. Bat­tery life tops 10 hours with­out Flash play­back. The Xoom’s 10.1-inch dis­play is slightly larger than the ipad’s 9.7-in screen and has a higher res­o­lu­tion (1280x800 ver­sus Ap­ple’s 1024x768). The dis­play is bright and sharp and watch­ing video on it is a de­light. The dual core Te­gra pro­ces­sor in­side keeps hum­ming briskly with nary a wait state. It han­dles web brows­ing, me­dia play­back, gam­ing and apps with equal deft­ness. WHAT WE DIDN’T: The re­cessed power/wake-up but­ton is in­con­ve­niently lo­cated in the top quar­ter of the tablet’s rear and can flu­mox you in the be­gin­ning. The vol­ume but­tons too are at awk­ward, need-to-grope spot. While it has mi­crousb port, you can­not use it for charg­ing. You need the wall charger to juice up the bat­tery—and its charger is quite mas­sive com­pared to the ones that ac­com­pany other tablets. While it weighs 730 gm, the Xoom feels heftier, prob­a­bly due to its solid build. Since it is a tad big­ger as well, peo­ple with smaller hands may find it slightly more awk­ward to hold and type un­less it is rest­ing on a sur­face. VER­DICT: In all this din sur­round­ing Android tablets, the Xoom hasn’t re­ally met the suc­cess it de­serves. The tablet is fast, it’s pow­er­ful and it’s im­pres­sive. A mite too hunky? Maybe. But some peo­ple like it that way. Even though it may score top marks on the hard­ware front, we won’t rate it over the ipad when it comes to the over­all tablet ex­pe­ri­ence. That though that’s more to do with the OS and the whole Android ecosys­tem—the slate it­self is not to blame. So if you are look­ing for a large screen Android tablet, the Xoom is worth se­ri­ous con­sid­er­a­tion.

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