The Fu­ture of the Tablet

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When it comes to crys­tal-ball gaz­ing, the sky seems to be the limit for tablet. Apps like Zite, Flip­board, Early Edi­tion, NYT as well as TV broad­cast­ing and a host of news and in­for­ma­tion sources have al­ready shown us how amenable the form fac­tor of the tablet is to por­ta­ble read­ing and view­ing. As these slabs get skin­nier and skin­ner, they will also gain flex­i­ble dis­plays. So one fine day you could find your­self car­ry­ing merely a light­weight fold­able screen that you tuck into your pocket but re­plete with all the func­tion­al­i­ties--nay, more--of a tablet.

Just when ev­ery­one had writ­ten off the the pen sty­lus on touch­screen de­vices, it seems to be mak­ing a re­turn. Cases in point: The mon­ster screened Sam­sung Note ‘smart­phone’ and, of course, the HTC Flyer. As hard­ware, op­er­at­ing sys­tems and user in­ter­faces get more and more re­fined it may soon be pos­si­ble to write on the screen vir­tu­ally as com­fort­able as you scrib­ble on pa­per.

As they get more and more com­mon place, you should see tablets also get­ting more durable and rugged. Or at least the avail­abil­ity of pro­tec­tive cases that pre­vent them from dam­age if you drop them.

What about tablets that never run out of bat­tery juice? Why ever not? We’ve all heard of har­ness­ing so­lar power, have we not? So it’s not at all an un­fea­si­ble thought. And then, it is also pos­si­ble that in a few years time you could be as­sem­bling your tablet—just as you can a PC.

As Len­ovo has shown us with the Idea­pad U1 Hy­brid and Mo­torola with the Atrix smart­phone, the chances are high that the tablet could be a de­tach­able com­po­nent of your lap­top. So don’t be sur­prised if you see an Mac­book Air with a de­tach­able screen that works as an ipad.

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