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Open the im­age in Pho­to­shop. Go to Im­age and then to Ad­just­ments. You can bal­ance your colours in two dif­fer­ent ways.

Colour bal­ance: When you opt for the colour bal­ance op­tion, you will be prompted to make the changes via three chan­nels: Cyan, ma­genta, yel­low. These three colours can be tweaked to your lik­ing. You will no­tice that the three chan­nels have in­verse colour on the op­po­site end. This means that when you in­crease one colour, the same ac­tion also de­creases its in­verse colour.

Hue Sat­u­ra­tion: When you click on this, a win­dow opens. The first op­tion on that is Edit, which al­lows you to choose Mas­ter (over­all colour) or in­di­vid­ual colours like Red, Yel­low, Green, Cyan, Blue, Ma­genta to work on.

Re­mem­ber that click­ing on Hue helps you cor­rect colour by chang­ing the colour pal­ette it­self. By us­ing the Sat­u­ra­tion op­tion, you can ad­just the amount of colours al­ready present, that is, the colours get more or less pro­nounced. The Light­ness op­tion al­lows you to in­crease or de­crease the dark­ness of the colour.

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