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Kinect has come out with a set of six new games. Sportssea­son2 is more re­spon­sive and has quicker game play plus is a lot eas­ier to nav­i­gate.

Tennis is the coolest way to lose weight with­out vis­it­ing a gym. With all those pow­er­ful fore­hands, cross court win­ners and smashes, you can ex­pect ev­ery part of your body to hurt. The dis­ap­point­ing part is that there is a lag in re­sponse. This takes the edge off a real-time feel of the is the best among the six games. It is re­al­is­tic enough to al­low you to crouch down and read the green be­fore putting. The voice ac­ti­vated com­mand fea­ture is at its best in golf. For in­stance, you can se­lect a club by nam-

ing rather than scrolling through the lists. The Amer­i­can foot­ball game will not win ac­co­lades. As the quar­ter­back all you need to do is to throw the ball. Not much strat­egy there. If your player catches the ball, then you run like there is no to­mor­row for a touch­down. But you can’t out­wit the de­fence by dodg­ing or block­ing. Base­ball, on the other hand, ap­peals be­cause it keeps each player busy, both pitch­ing and bat­ting. As the pitcher, we tried arc and spin balls.

Darts—is darts a sports? It is more fas­ci­nat­ing to watch how the sen­sor reads dif­fer­ent wrist move­ment while play­ing darts rather than the game. Ski­ing too is hardly in­spi­ra­tional.

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