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The trou­ble with eat­ing is the body does not tell you ex­actly when your needs are sat­is­fied, and by the time you feel full, you might well have packed away ex­tra calo­ries that show up on your waist­line. That is where the Man­dome­ter, they claim, helps. The de­vice con­sists of a scale that is con­nected to a com­puter. The soft­ware al­lows the pa­tient to see on the com­puter dis­play a com­par­i­son be­tween a nor­mal rate of eat­ing and level of sati­ety and an over­weight user’s own rate and sati­ety per­cep­tion. In around four months, the user is ap­par­ently trained to eat like a nor­mal per­son does. Eat nor­mal, weigh nor­mal, voila!

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