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Bright­ness is the amount of light that is avail­able across the pic­ture. Con­trast is the dif­fer­ence, or the ra­tio, be­tween the bright­est and dark­est parts of a pho­to­graph. To bal­ance them, open the file in Pho­to­shop and go to Im­ages. Un­der Im­ages, go to Ad­just­ment and from there to Bright­ness/ Con­trast. You can use the slid­ers to ad­just the pic­ture’s bright­ness and con­trast to your pref­er­ence.

An­other way in which you can carry out the same task is to use Curves. Open the im­age and un­der Ad­just­ment, click on Curves. Use the graph line to get the de­sired bright­ness and con­trast. Re­mem­ber that in­creas­ing the bright­ness re­duces colour sat­u­ra­tion and in­creas­ing con­trast leads to higher colour sat­u­ra­tion.

Both these meth­ods will re­quire you to prac­tise a bit be­fore you can cor­rectly judge the best bright­ness and con­trast. Af­ter that you can ex­per­i­ment with these two aspects not only to cor­rect your im­age, but also for spe­cial ef­fects.

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