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Some­time a pic­ture suf­fers from a blur cre­ated by the cam­era shak­ing when tak­ing a pho­to­graph. The lines are, there­fore, not quite sharp. To min­imise blurs, open pic­ture in Pho­to­shop. In Im­ages, go to Fil­ter and then to Sharpen. You can use the op­tions of Un­sharp Mask and Smart Sharpen to take care of the blur. If you want to sharpen some parts of the pic­ture and not the whole, then go to Lay­ers (F7), Du­pli­cate Lay­ers (Ctrl+j), then sharpen the up­per layer as much you want. You can then use the erase tool (press E ) to rub away the por­tions that you do not want to sharpen.

On the con­trary, if you want to blur out cer­tain por­tions of your pic­ture, you can fol­low the same pro­ce­dure as for sharp­en­ing parts of the im­age. In­stead of the Sharpen op­tion, just use Blur.

An easy way to use blur or sharpen is to go to the Blur tool (wa­ter­drop-like icon) on the left menu. Click­ing on its give you the op­tions for blur, sharpen and smudge. Choose the area on the pic­ture you want to work on and use the tool.

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