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Our favourite Ital­ian as­sas­sin Ezio Au­di­tore da Firenze is back—for the last time. As­sas­sins Creed game de­vel­oper Ubisoft has de­cided to let him re­tire in peace af­ter this one last mis­sion. This will also be the game’s fi­nal in­stall­ment of the Re­nais­sance era, which is good news as you can hardly dis­tin­guish Rome from Con­stantino­ple.

Ezio is no longer a young as­sas­sin. With his grey hair and a vis­i­ble paunch, it is ob­vi­ous that a grace­ful exit was the or­der of the day. Yes, we are still stuck in pro­tag­o­nist Des­mond Miles’ mind. The part bar­tender, part as­sas­sin is strapped on to the An­i­mus, the ma­chine that ac­cesses his an­ces­tral mem­o­ries—the mas­ter as­sas­sin Al­tair ibn-la'ahad and Ezio.

The cin­e­matic se­quences in As­sas­ins Creed: Rev­e­la­tions are breath­tak­ing. With vi­brant graph­ics, it suc­cess­fully makes the char­ac­ters and Con­stantino­ple as real as they can get. The sound track too gets you into the groove. But these are all too sim­i­lar to the pre­vi­ous AC edi­tions. So it’s not ex­actly some­thing new. None­the­less the game keeps you en­grossed. The plot is to find the keys of Al­tair, hero of the first edi­tion.

The most im­por­tant ad­di­tion in this ver­sion is un­doubt­edly the Hook Blade, which not only helps Ezio climb roof tops but also helps him slide down ca­bles. The hook also helps reach out to and grab walls as you fall, re­duc­ing your chances of be­com­ing street pizza. The hooded as­sas­sin also gets his hands on bombs. But de­spite hav­ing an ex­plo­sive arse­nal, you (or Ezio) in­vari­ably end up us­ing the tra­di­tional weapons as they are a lot more fun to wield. Per­haps, the ad­di­tion of bombs in this ver­sion was a bit of a waste.

There are also mini games, like Brother­hood, where you can train as­sas­sins and send them off on con­tract mis­sions. Your aim is to ex­tend the as­sas­sins’ in­flu­ence and de­fend your turf from Tem­plar at­tacks. To keep things in­ter­est­ing, Rev­e­la­tions gets back the multi-player fea­ture. Now from be­ing the as­sas­sin, you can be­come the tar­get. There are other play modes like Cap­ture the Chest and hide-and-seek games that have new char­ac­ters with new spe­cial abil­i­ties, maps and modes.

This game might not be a big rev­e­la­tion as its ti­tle sug­gests; it does fail to break away from its own mould. But what it does smoothly is fin­ish the chap­ter on Ezio and Al­tair. Rev­e­la­tions will keep you thor­oughly en­gaged through its

vi­su­als and game play.

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