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I couldn’t help but no­tice that your list of the best of the year didn’t have some of the reg­u­lars of past years (“The best gad­gets of the year”, Jan­uary 2012). For in­stance, net­books. Only last year, net­books formed an im­por­tant seg­ment in the com­put­ing de­vices sec­tion and were be­ing talked about as an emerg­ing mar­ket. And who talks about CRT tele­vi­sion sets, which again were miss­ing, rightly, from your list? But that is the beauty of tech­nol­ogy. What ex­cites to­day can soon face ob­so­les­cence when bet­ter tech­nol­ogy come in. With each year, giz­mos get bet­ter and bet­ter.

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