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I have been mean­ing to buy a good com­put­ing ma­chine and have de­ter­mined what I would need it for. I want to buy an In­tel Core i7 lap­top with at least 4GB RAM and a good graph­ics card. My bud­get is ` 50,000-60,000. Please ad­vise. Dilip PMK, on email

GGFor a good Core i7 lap­top you might have to shell out a bit more. The Dell XPS 14Z on Core i7 might cost you around 70,000. The ` Core i7 op­tion will be costlier, so make sure you ac­tu­ally need the ex­tra pro­cess­ing power.else set­tle for a Core i5 is more than enough for reg­u­lar, even heavy duty, com­put­ing.

My dad has given me me two op­tions—ei­ther to buy a Sony Plays­ta­tion 3 or a Win­dows XP desk­top with a Pen­tium II pro­ces­sor. Please sug­gest which one to buy and why? Sayak Sarkar , on email

GGWe think the choice if sim­ple. Just buy the PC. You can play a wide range of games on a PC, but can­not open a word doc­u­ment on a PS3. But then if you are never go­ing to open a word doc­u­ment, then don't bother about the PC. An XP on Pen­tium II these days is like buy­ing an Am­bas­sador car when you can buy a Nis­san Mi­cra. Ac­tu­ally, you will find it hard to buy a Win­dows XP with Pen­tium 2 now. Go for a new Win­dows 7 Home edi­tion on a Core i3 pro­ces­sor, if you want to ex­plore the lower end of the PC seg­ment.

I want to buy a lap­top with the fol­low­ing specs: 2 GB graph­ics card, In­tel Core i5 pro­ces­sor 1.9 Ghz, 4 GB RAM and, if pos­si­ble, three USB ports. Can you sug­gest a desk­top with the above men­tioned specs within a price range of ` 40,000? Please also men­tion the other best desk­tops at this price point. Ro­hit Vahule, on email

GGDell’s In­sp­iron 620s desk­top will be avail­able with the specs for un­der 30,000, that is with` out the mon­i­tor and other ac­ces­sories. You can go to the Dell In­dia web­site and cus­tomise the CPU to your spec­i­fi­ca­tions. On­line you will also get EMI op­tions. HP’S Pavil­lion se­ries of desk­tops have lots of op­tions, but ex­act prices will de­pend on the spe­cific con­fig­u­ra­tion you need.

Should I buy the ipad2 or wait to see what Ap­ple will come out with next? Anub­huti

GGThere are lot of ru­mours about the so-called ipad 3, but no one can pre­dict what Ap­ple will fi­nally launch. Lat­est ru­mours sug­gest the new ipad will have Retina Dis­play, like the iphone 4S, and a more pow­er­ful A6 pro­ces­sor. If you can, wait for a few months to see if there will in­deed be a new, bet­ter ipad. If not, just buy the ipad 2. Ap­ple might also be look­ing at im­prov­ing the cam­era.

I wanted have two to know ques­tions. how to First, con­vert I my wired In­ter­net into a wire­less one. I am re­ally con­fused what to buy. Se­condly, I want to buy a head­phone which I can use while study­ing to re­duce ex­ter­nal noises. I don’t care if they can be con­nected to an ex­ter­nal de­vice or not, but I do need pin-drop si­lence. Parth Gu­jar, on email

GGYou have many plug-and-play Wi-fi routers these days. All you have to do is buy one and con­nect your In­ter­net con­nec­tion wires to it. You will then be able to ac­cess the Net us­ing any Wi-fi en­abled de­vice. The best routers out there are from Linksys, Cisco and Belkin. Just buy one that suits your price and re­quire­ments.

Your best bet will be noise-can­celling head­phones from Bose, Sennheiser or Skull­candy. All of them will kill the ex­ter­nal noises when plugged on and you can en­ter a silent, pri­vate world. But they will all be ex­pen­sive and cost at least 2,500. But these are good enough to be ` used by jet pi­lots. Or look for cheaper head­phones with ear cups that ef­fec­tively kill ex­ter­nal noises.

Will Sam­sung an­nounce the suc­ces­sor of the Sam­sung Gal­axy SII at MWC 2012? How is it ex­pected to be dif­fer­ent? Samb­havi, on email

GGIf ru­mours are to be be­lieved, Sam­sung will not an­nounce the Gal­axy SIII at the Mo­bile World Congress. They plan to an­nounce it later at a com­pany-hosted event, but that could be as late as June. There are re­ports that this will be the slimmest smart­phone ever. Other re­ports claim that the Gal­axy SIII will come with An­droid Ice-cream Sand­wich on a quad-core pro­ces­sor, HDMI port, LTE sup­port and a 3D cam­era.

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