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Look­ing be­yond the reg­u­lar plug-in modes of charg­ing elec­tric and hy­brid ve­hi­cles, spe­cially at the street level, Qual­comm has demon­strated an easy and wire­less way of recharg­ing elec­tronic ve­hi­cles. De­ploy­able in all ge­o­graphic ar­eas, the Halo uses the fun­da­men­tals of in­duc­tive power trans­fer. Us­ing mag­netic res­o­nance to cou­ple power from Base Charg­ing Unit on/un­der the ground to the Ve­hi­cle Charg­ing Unit on the ve­hi­cle, the power is trans­ferred to the VCU pad through mag­netic cou­pling and this en­ergy is then used to charge the ve­hi­cle bat­tery.

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