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Just as many of us have this ten­dency to dump all our files in My Doc­u­ments or the desk­top, we mostly keep all our mail in the In­box. Over time, the mail ac­cu­mu­lates and we for­get where we saved what. To avoid this mess, learn to find a spe­cific, ob­vi­ously-named and log­i­cally lo­cat­able folder for all the files on your sys­tem. Cre­ate fold­ers sys­tem­at­i­cally and la­bel them ac­cord­ing to the ap­pro­pri­ate sub­ject, topic or sub-topic. This will not only make it sim­pler and quicker to lo­cate files in a jiffy even af­ter sev­eral weeks or months, but also help you backup fold­ers with­out any con­fu­sion. Sim­i­larly for e-mail. Keep only ac­tion­able mail in your In­box. Move what you have al­ready taken ac­tion, or would need later, to an ap­pro­pri­ately named folder or sub­folder. Def­i­nitely fil­ter those chuckle for­wards out of the In­box and keep them in a sep­a­rate folder. And pos­i­tively delete what you don’t need. You don’t need us to tell you how unim­por­tant trivia ac­cu­mu­lates and starts swamp­ing the vi­tal and the nec­es­sary. Ever heard of Email Stripper? Wipe that leery grin off your face. Email Stripper (­per­­strip­per.htm) does not re­veal any scant­ily clad forms of the fe­male per­sua­sion what­so­ever.

Yes, it may come with an overly sug­ges­tive Strip It but­ton too, but it somberly re­moves just those ugly se­ries of greater-than signs (>) and sim­i­lar for­mat­ting char­ac­ters from the emails you for­ward and re­ply to. So when you next re­ceive a messy look­ing e-mail lit­tered with a string of >>>>>> signs that you want to for­ward to some­one else, run it through Email Stripper first to clear the clut­ter.

The pro­gram also deletes the gap­ing breaks be­tween lines. This means that you hardly have to do any for­mat­ting your­self to make the for­ward look tidy. Apart from e-mail for­wards, you will find it in­valu­able for clean­ing out lengthy and threaded e-mail con­ver­sa­tions which can get rather tedious to scroll through some­times.

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