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The smart­phone aside, Gmail has be­come the hub of our com­mu­ni­ca­tions uni­verse. Well, for most of us at least. And never in our wildest dreams could we have imag­ined that one day we would ac­cu­mu­late close to 7.5GB of mail and be squeezed for space. Now, as your col­lec­tion hov­ers near the brim at 95 per cent, the “You are al­most out of space for your Gmail ac­count” is both galling and wor­ri­some. To trim the fat in your ac­count, here’s what you should do:


Ob­vi­ously, the large e-mail at­tach­ments—video clips, pho­tos, au­dio files, PPTS, etc—must be killed first to free up space. A sim­ple `has:at­tach­ment’ string in the search box in your Gmail will show you all the at­tach­ment-loaded e-mails you have sent or re­ceived. But we need to delete at­tach­ments se­lec­tively. Since the most ex­pend­able at­tach­ments are those friv­o­lous videos, fire a ‘file­name:wmv’ query.this will fer­ret out all e-mails with Win­dows Me­dia Video file at­tach­ments. Keep what you need and knock off the rest. For MOV files, type: ‘file­name:mov’. A search for ‘file­name:mp3’ will sift out mails with MP3 at­tach­ments and ‘file­name:pdf ’ will fetch PDFS. A ‘sub­ject:fwd’ will list mail for­wards friends and col­leagues have been send­ing you.

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