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The young ma­gi­cian is back in his Lego avatar in the final in­stal­ment based on J.K. Rowl­ing’s Harry Pot­ter books 5-7. This chil­dren’s game cap­tures Hogsmead vil­lage, Privit Drive, Di­agon Al­ley to Gringotts in ab­so­lute per­fec­tion, if in Lego form. Adding to the re­al­ism are scenes from some iconic bat­tles—like the final show­down be­tween the Min­istry of Magic and Volde­mort.

There are 24 game lev­els and af­ter com­plet­ing the mis­sion you re­turn to Hog­warts to at­tend 16 lessons on spells, ad­vance duelling skills, etc. Un­doubt­edly duelling is one of the best ad­di­tions to the game. To win, play­ers must quickly se­lect the right spell (based on the colour of the en­emy's half-cir­cle) and en­gage in a back-and-forth spell col­li­sion. This is fun, but also overused.

Speak­ing of new abil­i­ties, there is Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes boxes, of use to Weasley fam­ily mem­bers only. These usu­ally con­tain bar­rier-de­stroy­ing fire­works

or suc­tion-cup shoes to al­low play­ers to walk up walls. A new Agua­menti spell al­lows gamers to shoot water from their wand to put out fires.

There are six co-op friendly stages, al­low­ing gamers to play out mo­ments from the Pot­ter films. In be­tween mis­sions, you are free to ex­plore Hog­warts and the sur­round­ing grounds. in­clud­ing the For­bid­den For­est. ini­tially you will not be able to ac­cess a lot of ar­eas but to com­plete the game, you have to re­visit the stages with ad­di­tional char­ac­ters and spells to un­lock the se­crets.

The sound­track has been bril­liantly trans­ferred from the movies to the game. The au­dio ef­fects are per­fect and em­pha­sise the mag­i­cal at­mos­phere. The weak link of this game, if any, is the graph­ics. As a Lego game, it com­bines pre-ren­dered back­drops with polyg­o­nal Lego set dress­ing, mak­ing it look a bit old and jaded but it still man­ages to work.

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