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NFC is now at a very nascent stage, es­pe­cially in In­dia, mostly due to the lack of an en­abled eco-sys­tem. Some coun­tries have al­ready grad­u­ated to this tech­nol­ogy, and is putting NFC to use for daily ac­tiv­i­ties. Pi­lot projects be­ing run around the world are ex­per­i­ment­ing with us­ing NFC for en­abling public trans­porta­tion and for con­tact­less pay­ment sys­tems.

Some­time back, the Clar­ion Ho­tel in Stock­holm ran a pi­lot project where the guests were given NFC- en­abled phones to check-in, en­ter their room and even check­out of the ho­tel. But this in­volved a lot of work at the back­end and the ho­tel had to work closely with the ac­cess con­trol com­pany, mo­bile net­work op­er­a­tor, room door key spe­cial­ists, etc. Guests sim­ply had to down­load the ap­pli­ca­tion and use it while step­ping into the ho­tel. The eight-month trial had fruit­ful re­sults, es­pe­cially by cut­ting the time for check-in at the re­cep­tion.

In San Fran­cisco, NFC is be­ing used to make park­ing me­ters smart. All 30,800 park­ing me­ters in city will soon have NFC stick­ers us­ing which driv­ers will be able to pay for a slot for a given time pe­riod us­ing their NF­Cen­abled phones.

An­other pi­lot project in Aus­tria em­pow­ered nearly 20,000 NFC phone sub­scribers to tap con­tact­less chip tags at some sta­tions of the Aus­trian Na­tional Rail­way and Vi­enna Metro. This au­to­mat­i­cally ini­ti­ated the mo­bile tick­et­ing ap­pli­ca­tion and filled in the needed in­for­ma­tion. Users used to con­firm and re­ceive the tick­ets via SMS or mo­bile In­ter­net. A sim­i­lar project in Ger­many’s Frank­fut al­lowed users to tap their NFC phones or scan 2D bar codes on posters in trains on some metro lines to ac­cess sched­ul­ing up­dates along with list of restau­rants that ac­cepted dis­count card pro­grammes.

Af­ter em­bed­ding NFC in its An­droid Gin­ger­bread, Google was keen to in­tro­duce its Mo­bile Wal­let, a pay­ment sys­tem that al­lowed users to store credit card de­tails, loy­alty cards, gifts cards and even pro­mo­tional codes on their phone. The data could be used to make se­cure and sim­ple pay­ment by tap­ping the phone

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