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By Spark Labs

The app gives you 360 de­gree tours of hun­dreds of lo­ca­tions around the world, all by mov­ing your ipad or touch­ing the screen. This aug­mented re­al­ity app has fea­tured tours as well as prop­er­ties and lo­ca­tions set ac­cord­ing to cat­e­gory. Most lo­ca­tions have mul­ti­ple tours and if you re­ally like one, the panorama can be saved to your de­vice. You too can cre­ate a tour of you house or of­fice us­ing the ipad app.



By Vo­dio Labs Ltd.

A one-stop-shop for vi­ral videos, Vo­dio can put all your video chan­nels in an easy to flip through 3D wall in­ter­face. While there are many chan­nels to choose from, there is a limit on the num­ber you can add. Once logged in, it lets you eas­ily share the videos you love on so­cial net­works. Look no fur­ther if you like dis­cov­er­ing new videos.

DJ Mixer Pro


By Mu­sic­soft Arts

With this app you can play the DJ at home or try and im­press friends at a party. Mix­ing two tracks and adding ef­fects or chang­ing the tempo is child’s play for this app. You will take some time to get the hang of get­ting your mu­sic right, but this app has all the fea­tures ready when you fi­nally mas­ter your mix­ing. The app can also be used as a mu­sic player that lets you do some tweaks to the songs. You can also down­load some songs and playlists for free us­ing the app.

Play­erx­treme HD (Free)




By Ap­ple Inc.

There are hun­dreds of photo apps for the ipad, but none as easy or nat­u­ral as the new iphoto app from Ap­ple. Pick a photo to crop, cor­rect colour or add ef­fects in sim­ple, mostly sin­gle, steps. We loved the bou­quet of brushes that pop up to en­able you to make ba­sic changes like red eye re­moval, sat­u­ra­tion and bright­ness con­trol. Then the orig­i­nal files are never

writ­ten over and you can also cre­ate jour­nals of events. Ini­tially, one of the big­gest put­offs for the ipad was that it could not play many video for­mats through itunes. This app, how­ever, puts all those fears to rest by play­ing most com­mon video for­mats. Users can even cre­ate fold­ers and or­gan­ise their files eas­ily. The app also lets users con­nect with other sim­i­lar de­vices nearby. There are many add-ons too like sub­ti­tle reader, folder lock and sound boost, but you will have to pay for these up­grades. Any­way the free ver­sion is good enough for reg­u­lar users.

123D Sculpt


By Au­todesk Inc.

Now you can make a bust of your friend or the pet dog with­out soil­ing your hands in the clay. This app comes with some ba­sic shapes like the hu­man body, face, dog etc which you can mod­ify us­ing the many tools. Though on a screen, the feel is the same as clay. If you are not se­ri­ous about sculpt­ing, just use it to fool around or as a stress buster. If you find your sculpt­ing mojo, the app can also record video of what you are do­ing.



By John Mof­fett

This one is for na­ture lovers. Pock­et­pond brings the pond to your ipad with­out the water, the smells or the has­sle. Giv­ing a real in­sight into the touch­screen prow­ess of the ta­ble, the water moves, and sounds, just like it would in a real pond. Sin­gle touch, multi-touch, poke the fish … this pond re­acts in real time and you will be amazed. Use it to awe your friends or just re­lax by feed­ing the fish or swat­ting the dragon flies.



By Holo­graphic Au­dio Theatre

Hav­ing trou­ble sleep­ing? Just switch on this app and se­lect the sur­round­ings you wish to be trans­ported to. From rain forests to cozy beaches, this app has sounds from all dream­scapes. There is even a sleep timer which will switch off the sounds af­ter a des­ig­nated pe­riod. The re­lax­ing sounds are also ideal if you are the med­i­tat­ing types, es­pe­cially since the tracks are in a loop and don’t need to be changed af­ter a spe­cific time. While six sound sce­nar­ios are pre­loaded, hun­dreds more can be down­loaded at prices start­ing $1.99. That is a bit steep, so you bet­ter stick to the free notes.

Truth De­tec­tor


By Chime Su­pe­rior

Of the many lie de­tec­tor tests avail­able for the ipad, this one seemed the most truth­ful. Since the app uses both stress lev­els based on touch— you have to keep your fin­ger on a spot—and voice, this seems to have a lesser chance of er­ror. Keep other noises out when you ut­ter the state­ment for anal­y­sis or these will lead to the test be­ing aborted.

My Taxin­dia HD (Free)

Quin­tet So­lu­tions Pvt Ltd

This app might not put your ac­coun­tant out of his job, but can sure give him a run for his money. Just en­ter your tax­able in­come, in­vest­ments un­der var­i­ous heads, house loan in­ter­est and other sav­ings and this app will tell you how much in­come tax you will have to pay this fis­cal. The cal­cu­la­tions are based on the lat­est tax slabs and the com­pu­ta­tion even breaks down how your final tax amount was ar­rived at.

Sticky Notes


By tewks

Again a very ba­sic app, but then how complicated can you get with sticky notes. Add as many notes as you can, even one over the other, just like you would on a fridge. You can change colour of new notes, change font, their size and text colour. That’s about it. But this ease of use will make this app a favourite for many.

Hindu Cal­en­dar



This app is pretty ba­sic, but then there aren’t many other ap­pli­ca­tions that give you a full Hindu cal­en­dar. The apps shows the Saka cal­en­dar for years 2011 and 2012, with aus­pi­cious dates and fes­ti­vals. The cal­en­dar can be read in Hindi, Marathi and Gu­jarathi along with English. A lit­tle bit of in­ter­ac­tiv­ity would have made this a great ap­pli­ca­tion. And, yes, more dates and a full Pan­chang please.

Pow­er­cam HD


By Won­der­share Soft­ware Co., Ltd

The ipad has a very de­cent cam­era, but there is not much you can do with it. With this app, the cam­era on your ipad be­comes as good as any point-and-shoot. It al­lows you to add many tweaks—like face timer, tilt shift, magic bright­ness—even as you shoot and adds a zoom too. And, best of all, these func­tions work on both still and video. You can even save the pic­tures in var­i­ous res­o­lu­tions based on the where you want to use it. It is rarely that you see a free app of­fer so much.

Build­ing Ti­tanic


By Na­tional Ge­o­graphic So­ci­ety

This one is for his­tory buffs, es­pe­cially those still awed by the Ti­tanic and its un­timely end. The apps shows you a time­line of how this mar­itime leg­end was con­ceived and built. You can check out what hap­pened at each step, the tech­nol­ogy used, the de­sign changes and so on. Af­ter you have learnt how the ship was built you can take a stroll through the ships plush in­te­ri­ors. There are even some videos.



BY 53

There are many pa­per apps for the ipad, but none that give you a bet­ter pen-on-pa­per feel. While the app touts it­self as a sketch tool, it could work as a cal­lig­ra­phy app as well. Thick or thin, the pa­per can do it all. How­ever, you will have to pay to use the other tools meant for out­lin­ing, writ­ing and colour­ing. But trust us, most of these brushes and pens are worth their penny. The only neg­a­tive is the limited num­ber of colours.

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