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If you like Jagjit Singh and ghaz­als, the Sennheiser HD 449 is just the head­phone for you. But if you are the sort who prefers Van Halen and heavy me­tal, you bet­ter look some­where else.

The HD 449 is all about be­ing per­sonal with your mu­sic. Don’t be de­ceived by the size of the earcups and all the chrome on it, this is all about soul and clar­ity not about bass and spunk. In other words, if you like your mu­sic loud, the HD 449 is sure to dis­ap­point you. But there are those who might think this is the big­gest plus point of this head­phone, the fact that is fo­cuses more on clar­ity and acous­tics.

We tried it on a Black­berry phone, ipod, ipad and even the reg­u­lar PC. The sound was best via the desk­top, es­pe­cially when we played 320kbps files. In the other de­vices, we were left won­der­ing if there was some way to get more vol­ume out of the head­phone.

The ear cups are very com­fort­able and have enough flex­i­bil­ity to fit most ear types. While they are good enough to keep out most ex­ter­nal sounds, af­ter 15 min­utes or so you start wish­ing for a pair of small fans in­side to keep your ear from fry­ing. Like in the old days, the head­phone comes with a 6.3mm gold adap­tor plug for the 3.5mm jack in case you want to plug it into a large home theatre or mu­sic sys­tem.





Clear sound, but a bit too soft.

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