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At first sight we thought that it was the Bose Cine­mate SR1. But the In­tex logo is too glar­ing to miss. Yes, this is the Sound Bar Mar­vel 250.

Thank­fully, the Mar­vel 250 is easy to plug in and there is noth­ing here to con­fuse the user. Plug in the au­dio out­put from your TV or DVD player di­rectly into the sleek Sound­bar and you are ready to go. This ease of use is be­cause the sys­tem is equipped with in­stant Low Power Ra­dio (LPR) based wire­less in­ter­face at 2.4GHZ to link the lar­gish sub woofer with the chan­nel bar. The sound is crys­tal clear and you can use the re­mote to re­ally pump up the bass or tune the tre­ble. There are four con­trol buttons on the top of the bar, while the re­mote has three sound modes – nor­mal, mu­sic and movie. So, we had no com­plaints at all with the sound.

How­ever, the ease of use means your con­nec­tiv­ity op­tions are limited. No, you can’t plug in USB or even your ipod or other sources, which thought was a big killjoy. In­tex could have at least added Blue­tooth con­nec­tiv­ity. At a time when you have me­dia on mul­ti­ple de­vices, this kind of in­ter­op­er­abil­ity has to be a ne­ces­sity not a lux­ury.

Still, the Sound Bar Mar­vel 250 is a rea­son­ably priced op­tion to aug­ment the au­dio for your large-screen TV, es­pe­cially if you don’t have the money or space for a full­blown home theatre sys­tem.

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