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There is no deny­ing the fact that the in­creas­ing megapixel count in the sen­sor and bet­ter op­tics in cam­era phones have re­sulted in more peo­ple us­ing phones in­stead of point-and-shoot cam­eras. While we agree that peo­ple en­joy cap­tur­ing images us­ing the VGA, 2 MP and 3.15 MP cam­era phones, the re­sults are not at a par to what dig­i­tal cam­eras pro­duce. In­deed most of the 5MP, 8 MP and even 12 MP phones pro­duce images that are good for up­load­ing on so­cial net­work­ing sites, but they are not good enough for large print­ing. But now things are chang­ing. Nokia’s N8 had a 12MP cam­era with a big sen­sor that cap­tured good images. Now the com­pany has in­tro­duced a true suc­ces­sor to the N8, the Nokia 808 Pure­view.

This 41MP mon­ster has been in the news since the day it was an­nounced by Nokia. No, the phone won’t cap­ture images at 41MP res­o­lu­tion. In­stead, the pic­tures will be cap­tured at the reg­u­lar 5 MP res­o­lu­tion, but us­ing a large 1/1.2-inch sen­sor. In other words, us­ing over­sam­pling, ev­ery pixel in the fin­ished im­age cor­re­sponds to about eight pix­els on the sen­sor that help in re­duc­ing the noise while in­creas­ing sharp­ness and colour.

And, Nokia is not alone. The new smart can­di­date from Sony Mo­bile, the Xpe­ria S, will have a 12 MP cam­era with Sony’s Ex­mor R for mo­bile CMOS sen­sor that light­ens up any gloomy day. It has f/2.4 aper­ture and can even cap­ture Full HD videos at 1080p res­o­lu­tion. While the two up­com­ing smart­phones are ex­pected to do a good job, Ap­ple’s iphone 4S al­ready en­joys the ti­tle of the best cam­era phone around. The iphone 4S has got 8 MP res­o­lu­tion and a cus­tom lens with a larger f/2.4 aper­ture.

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