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The lat­est in­stal­ment of the Yakuza se­ries has four main char­ac­ters, Shun Akiyama, Goro Ma­jima, Ryuji Goda, and Kazuma Kiryu. Zom­bies have un­leashed havoc in Tokyo that leaves Kiryu and his crew no op­tion but to kick some se­ri­ous butt and put an end to it. They all have dif­fer­ent weapons, and you can buy more and up­grade them. The game is 15-20 hours long, de­pend­ing on how much you in­dulge in mini-games, ex­plo­ration and side quests.

As it is a typ­i­cal third-per­son shoot­ing game, the con­trols are a big dis­ap­point­ment. The auto lock mode is rub­bish. Try lock­ing on to a zom­bie, aim and shoot—and you end up fir­ing at the wall, ren­der­ing you a free meal for the munch­ing walk­ing dead. It is quite ob­vi­ous that the last time the de­vel­op­ers paid at­ten­tion to the shooter me­chan­ics was years ago. An­other frus­trat­ing thing is that ev­ery time you take aim your char­ac­ter stops walk­ing—as you can scope out the place with the right con­trols. So there is no need for you to be a sit­ting duck be­cause play­ers can multi-task at ease.

There are many mini-games that will take your mind off the zom­bie car­nage—like woo­ing es­corts over drinks, hang­ing out at the ar­cades, stop­ping for a few frames at the bowl­ing al­ley or just run­ning er­rands for peo­ple (which means you have to man up and take the ac­tion to the most in­fested zom­bie ar­eas of the city). But as most of the sid­e­quests in­volve the fid­gety shoot­ing con­trols, play­ing them can be quite la­bo­ri­ous.

Dead­Souls has a great story and be­lieve it or not a wacky sense of hu­mour which the pre­vi­ous games lacked. This is also the first out and out shoot­ing game for the Yakuza se­ries, which is where ev­ery­thing goes south. The con­trols mar the game and make it frus­trat­ing.

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